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Watch: President Trump shoving another world leader was an embarrassment

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President Trump proved once again that he is lacking the type of diplomatic experience that has been generally expected from the President of the United States.

Yesterday, during a gathering of the allied leaders of NATO, an organization that is literally charged with world peace, Trump made two separate decisions that truly strain the boundaries of international decorum.

First, as he was walking with Allied leaders, and had lagged behind, he shoved the prime minister of Montenegro in an effort to be in the front line of the convoy.

Then he straightened his jacket, and stuck out his chin in a moment that will forever be remembered as one of the more arrogant acts committed by a head of state in years.

The shove, and then the behavior thereafter embodies Donald Trump, and demonstrates why he is among the most polarizing human beings on the plant.

The President made the United States of America look like a nation of self righteous children with no respect for our peers.

It was a humiliation to the America, a moment of sheer ridiculousness.

Trump did not stop there.

During a speech, with NATO leaders standing a few feet away, Trump blasted them for not paying their bills.

He essentially undermined the only organization standing between Russia, and expansion.

His speech, and his behavior, were totally in line with how Moscow would prefer the United States to conduct itself on the international stage.

There was a serious agenda afoot at this summit, make no bones about it, Trump’s behavior was part of a larger strategy to impress upon NATO leaders that the America is capable of walking away from the alliance, which plays into Vladimir Putin’s hands.

Trump’s behavior was an embarrassment to the United States, the people he disrespected are friends of the United States, they are on the front line in the cold war against Russia, Trump’s behavior puts everyone at risk.

The tempered reaction of world leaders was noticeable, perhaps they believe that Trump is not going to be the President of the United States for much longer, and putting up with his sideshow is a manageable pain.



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