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Watch: San Juan Mayor has a conniption after the DHS calls PR “a good news story”

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The beautiful island of Puerto Rico is in tatters, much of the island has been left in ruins after Hurricane Maria flattened the island over a week ago.

The entire electrical grid was destroyed, which has left the much of the country without power.

People are sick, dying, and the population us running out of drinkable water.

These are children we are talking about, families, generations of Puerto Ricans who lives were damaged almost beyond repair.

To make matters worse, the President of the United States could care less, he is much more concerned with stoking racial tension than actually being a responsible leader.

On top of that, Trump seems to have little to zero interest in actually visiting the Island, and letting the people of Puerto Rico know that he cares.

When Hurricane Harvey struck Houston, and other areas of the gulf states, the President was in line serving food, and giving speeches on top of fire trucks.

But Puerto Rico?

Totally different story.

Trump’s ridiculous approach to a humanitarian crisis has filtered down in his administration.

We saw an insane example of that yesterday when acting DHS secretary Elaine Duke referred to the disaster in Puerto Rico has a “good news story”.

In no way is this a “good news story”, this is not hollywood, it’s not cute, the fact that Secretary Duke would be tone deaf enough to make these commets on national television underscores how clueless this administration is, and the general approach they have to helping people that are not white.

An embarrasing stance from the White House, and kudos to Mayor Carmen Cruz for calling it out.




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