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Where is the proof of a “terror” attack in Sweden?

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President Donald Trump made some questionable statements during a rally in Florida this weekend.

After being taken the woodshed by the national press over Russiagate, the President of the United States spent his 3rd consecutive weekend golfing in the Sunshine state, and made the odd decision to stage campaign style rallies even though he already has been elected.

During one of these pat on the back sessions, Trump produced an odd reference

Upon his remarks, the global community scrambled to sort out the meaning of this.

What was the President referring too?

After media members, political observers, and Swedish citizens expressed bemusement at his remarks, Trump took to Twitter to scold the fake news media for spotlighting his clear misrepresensation.

Just to be clear, Sweden has not suffered an large Islamic related terror attack, the public record does not contain such information.

Some neo-nazi’s attacked a refugee center, but it’s unlikely Trump was referring to that.

The Fox news story Trump was referring too featured an interview that cited Swedish immigration policies as a factor in the alleged rise of domestic crime.

While Fox did run the story, Trump appears to have embellished the true impact of immigration on crime in Sweden.

From the Washington Post 

“Trump’s references to Sweden seemed to suggest that the country’s welcoming approach to refugees and its alleged effects on crime rates should be a warning sign. But were the president’s remarks justified?

From Twitter

“Absolutely not,” said Felipe Estrada Dörner, a criminology professor at Stockholm University. His response was echoed Monday by multiple other experts who are familiar with Swedish crime statistics.

Overall, Sweden’s average crime rate has fallen in recent years, Dörner said. That drop has been observed for cases of lethal violence and for sexual assaults, two of the most serious categories of crime.”

Trump’s lazy use of a subjective story to rationalize his forthcoming travel ban is the type of geopolitical maddness that disrupts America’s relationships around the world.

It’s also juvenile that the President points the finger at his subordinates, or the media, when the citizens demand accountability after less than accurate statements.

Trump attempted to clarify his remarks, but it was too late.

People around the world simply dismissed the word and actions of the American President.

Which could become a growing trend



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