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Horrifying video shows a rogue cop shooting two dogs that were not attacking

From Jennifer LeMay

Two police officers in Minneapolis Minnesota were responding to an alarm in a residential neighborhood, and ended up shooting two dogs that lived on the property.

Both dogs are alive according owner Jennifer LeMay, but they suffered gun shot wounds.

Yall see this shit…mpls finest shooting my dogs that weren't attacking or charging at him!

Posted by Jennifer LeMay on Saturday, July 8, 2017

Jennifer LeMay, caught the entire assault on tape, and posted it on Facebook.

The dogs do not appear to be charging, or attacking at any point during the video.

The first dog is wagging it’s tail as it approaches the cop, there is nothing aggressive about the dog’s body language, in fact it’s quite the opposite.

The officer fired several shots, and at no point, did he appear to be in danger.

The second dog is alarmed by the shots, and runs in a circle, showing fear, not aggression.

The cop shoots at that dog as well.

Even more alarming, at no point was the cop prevented from exiting the yard before he fired the first shot.

The images of  innocent dogs being shot has resonated with America, and put serious heat on a police department that seems to have problems with shooting innocent beings for no reason at all.

Dog lives matter as well folks.



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