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Look: A cat with an epic case of matted fur finally gets a shave

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Matted fur is a common problem for any house cat.

Over the course of bathing, and shedding, an unattended to cat can develop an almost unrecognizable coat of fur.

Which brings us to Hidey.

Hidey was neglected for years, and as a result, she developed an epic case of matted fur.

The images are unbelievable!

Thankfully Hidey was lucky enough to be discovered once her owner was sent to a nursing community

Once in the hands of proper care, Hidey did indeed receive a haircut.

Posted by Jenn Levitzki on Saturday, December 17, 2016

A hair cut that took hours!

They had to shave the matted fur, and unfurl the dreadlocks that had developed all over her back.

Hidey must feel like a new feline now that she no longer is carrying pounds of hair on her back.

Kudos to the Vet tech Jenn Levitaki that relieved the pressure



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