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After the WAPO report, it’s unlikely Trump will be to avoid obstruction of justice charges

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President Trump’s reign as President of the United States could be coming to a swift end per some of the reporting that has surfaced in the last 150 hours.

It was reported by the Washington Post two weeks ago that former FBI director James Comey had kept a series of memos that detailed his “uncomfortable” interactions with the President of the United States, including being asked to drop his investigation into disgraced former national security advisor Michael Flynn.

If consider the manner in which the narrative around Michael Flynn has unfolded, it’s very incriminating that Trump would make such a request.

Flynn opted to invoke the 5th amendment then testify in an open hearing, he is also refusing to turn over documents that relevant to the investigation.

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The initial excuse was that Trump had acted upon the written recommendation of Rod Rosenstein, and the advisory opinion Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Than Trump goes on national television and tells Lester Holt that he fired Comey because “this Russia stuff is a fake story”.

Many observers(including this writer) concluded at the time that Trump’s statements cemented his actions as obstruction of Justice.

A felony, the President admitted that he fired the man investigating his administration because that man was investigating his administration.

That right there was enough seek indictments against the President.

Than on Friday, the New York Times reports that the President, the day after he fired Comey, in a meeting with, told the Russian envoy Comey was a “nut job”, and that firing him eased “great pressure” off of him.

He also told them he was not under investigation.

The Times report seemed like an admission of guilt, a clear cut case of obstruction of justice.

If this was anyone else, they would already be in handcuffs.

James Comey has also agreed to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee, and is expected to assist Robert Mueller in the larger investigation.

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As the President made the rounds during his first foreign trip, another report emerged that seems to not only establish obstruction, but a pattern of behavior that goes way beyond one independent incident.

The Washington Post reported yesterday that after James Comey testified on March 20th, and confirmed that the President and his associated were under investigation for illicit ties to Russia, Trump called the head of the NSA Mike Rogers as well as DNI director Dan Coats and directly asked them to tell the American public that there was no evidence of collusion between his administration, and Russia.

The request may be even more backbreaking than the oval office meeting with the Russians.

This is blatant interference with an ongoing investigation, but it goes beyond that.

The President attempted to use two other government agencies to discredit another agency that is investigating corruption within his personal circle, and possibly the President himself.

That is a massive abuse of power.

Trump is behaving like an autocrat, the problem is he governs a democracy, and his political capital is running out.

Both Rogers and Coats declined to confirm the Washington Post report, but it has been confirmed by multiple news outlets in the time since.

No matter what happens, even if the investigation somehow concludes that the Russian government did not collude with the Trump administration during the American election, the interactions after the election are enough to sink the entire administration.

If you examine the timeline between December 1st and May 20th, it’s nothing short of jaw dropping.

The President meanwhile has a serious problem right now that has nothing to do with Vladimir Putin.

It appears that he actively attempted to impede an investigation, when he didn’t get the results he wanted, he cut the head off the snake, and then bragged about it to a hostile government that is at the heart of this national crisis.

Some argued it would be difficult to prove obstruction based on Comey’s memos alone, but if you factor in the nationally televised interview, the alleged conversation in the Oval Office with Russian dignitaries, and the revelation that he submitted similar requests to the heads of other law enforcement agencies in Washington DC, you have a slam dunk case for Obstruction of Justice.

Investigators now have the Trump administration in a vice.

To gain cooperation from Trump and his surrogates, which thus far has been difficult to achieve, Robert Mueller and his team could focus on obstruction of justice charges against the President, which sources indicate they are.

Despite all of this classified evidence we have yet to see, it would seem President Trump has committed a felony based on what we know right now, which is enough to start a grand jury, and put serious pressure on Congress to impeach him.

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At that point, you could explain the facts of life to the President, and offer him a deal.

The dominos will fall from there, Trump would throw everyone under the bus to save his own skin, he has done so countless times before.

It’s customary for the Justice Department to go after subordinates when seeking a big fish, but because the President so clearly committed a felony, it might be best to work this thing from the other end.

It’s much easier to gather information with cooperation, as oppose to investigation, and interrogation.

Investigators have Trump, Michael Flynn, and several other people over a barrel.

There is no reason for them not to push the advantage.






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