Ann Coulter strikes again “Without fat girls, there would be no protests”

From Twitter
From Twitter

In this divided America that we currently occupy, there is fear under the surface that hatered, bigotry, and ignorance will become the norm, that denigrating each other because of our race, class, or financial limitations is par for the course.

The election of Donald Trump could usher in a new era of insensitivity, but it won’t be Trump leading the charge.

It will be the citizens that embraced his distorted message about what our national identity is.

Beyond the common citizen, will be the river of outspoken pundits that now believe the coast is clear because Donald Trump is the President Elect.

Which brings us to Ann Coulter, the highly controversial (and successful) conservative commentator who does her damage through books, television appearances, and mean spirited tweets.

Ann has made a living out of offending the masses, and earlier today, she made it clear that she is super comfortable in Donald Trump’s America.

The following tweet is difficult to believe

The idea of an influential figure, fat shaming women on a mass scale boggles the mind.

The fact that it’s a woman making these remarks is astonishing.

This isn’t about being conservative, or the general election.

This is about being pig, and Ann Coulter certainly qualifies.

Decent human beings do not produce statements such as these.

Does Ann Coulter believe that obese citizens are the sole cause of the post election protests that have swept across the country like wildfire?

What we have here is a bully plying her trade, and giving credibility to the reasoning for the demontrations.

From Twitter
From Twitter

There is a segment of this country that won’t accept hate, that wont stand for intolerance.

Fat, skinny, pretty, ugly, black white, latino, transgender, the anger towards a power structure in progress transcends all the physical differences that separate us.

For once in this country, who you are matters, but what you represent however is a different story.

These citizens that currently march from sea to shining sea believe in the idea of democracy, they advocate for an inclusive non judgemental society, and they believe Donald Trump’s campaign was in direct contravention with the ideals that have shaped our great land.

Advocates advocate, and Ann Coulter dismisses this shining example of what civil rights is all about by attacking Americans over what she precieves to be a flawed physical appearance.

We have a right to protest, we have a right to believe, and we certainly have a right to be comfortable in our own skin, to be happy with who we are.

What are the young women featured in these tweets supposed to think when they see it?

What will such a hateful remark do to the body image these women currently have?

Anyone think it will boost self confidence?

Think about how horrifying that is, millions of people have see a picture with you in it, a picture that pokes fun about your waistline.

One of our writers, Sarah Hurwitz, just published a series of articles concerning the “body positive movement”, Sarah encouraged everyone, not just women, to look beyond the body.

Less than a week later, an influential public voice shames a group of women that were engaging in a peaceful protest.

She looked beyond the cause, but failed to look beyond the body.

Ann Coulter’s cowardly assault is pathetic, this writer finds her behavior to be deplorable, her words are an affront not just to women, but everyone out there fighting for what they believe in.

From Twitter
From Twitter

This political commentator is a publicity hound, an egomaniacal windbag that should have the social grace to find the people she shamed, and apologize.

This story is absolutley disgusting.

Ann Coulter can kick rocks.




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