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APB: Has anyone seen Julian Assange as of late?

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Over the course of the political blowback from the results of the election an important story has been developing.

But unlike all of the discourse and rancor that has polluted this union since Donald Trump was elected president, this story has taken place in the shadows.

Elusive, like the Dark Side of the Force.

Julian Assange was the true star of the 2016 election in my opinion, his website Wikileaks was the type of conduit that could bring established structures crumbling to the ground.

As the United States Government starts to come to terms with the impact of the email dumps, and the scope of the master plan to influence the American public, the story I mentioned earlier in this article is now coming into the forefront.

President Obama instigated an official investigation into Russia’s actitivies in regards to our election.

We all have reason to believe that Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin infiltrated our political infastructure, and illegally obtained confidential information that would prove to be damaging to  Hillary Clinton.

But it didn’t stop there, these dumps targeted security agencies, private companies, even the White House.

Michelle Obama’s emails were not even exempt.

These sophisticated incursions never seemed to target Republican nominee Donald Trump.

As I wrote two days ago, Russia has by far the most to gain.

If you consider the suspects, and the fact that our intelligence community caught them with their hand in the cookie jar, the simple explantion is most likely the correct one.

So with our Russian investigation in full swing, there is one man who should be brought to justice right away.

Julian Assange, who could emerge as the most controversial journalist of all time.

But he had help.

Wikileaks is a mad dog, but it was Russia who let them off the leash

Because the Kremlin has proven to be highly skilled at covering it’s tracks, the American government will be looking to secure the services of eyewitnesses, and corroborated testimony.

Many of these Russian operatives who moonlight as keyboard warriors would be difficult to take into custody, Vladimir Putin would rather jump into the Baltic Sea then turn these actors over to American authorities.

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So at the end of the day, Julian Assange should be the most wanted man on the planet, short of ISIS freedom fighters.

He is a potential star witness against the Russian Federation and domestic corruption.

He could force our political institution to do something unprecendented in American history.

A revote.

If this man can provide the type of spectacular evidence that proves a clandestine operation was carried out at the expense of the American people, there should be a revote.

Not a recount.

A Trump Presidency makes no sense if it was conceived by a hostile foreign power.

Trump has taken his antics to another level in the last week.

He slammed the CIA over yet another report implicating the Russian Federation.

Trump claimed that the idea that the Russians hacked our polticial committees is a politically motivated assertion.

Does Trump read?

The suspicion towards Moscow is a bipartisan belief, and the only way to confirm these allegations is to find Julian Assange, and stick him in a jail cell.

But there is a problem.

Has anyone seen Julian Assange as of late?

From what I can tell, he disappeared off the face of the planet after Trump was elected.

There has been fake videos, and his website still pumps out frivolous information, but the engine that runs that magazine is gone.

Trust me, I know.

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I write what?

60% of the content for this website, about 70% of the content for the Sports Site?

As someone who is the backbone of a magazine, I can tell when another workhorse is out of commission.

In my estimation, that man has not been  publishing on the regular for about a month now.

I have not seen him either, neither hide nor hair.

I heard from some friends of mine that Julian Assange is no longer at the Ecuadorian embassy, the word is he has been taken.

By who?

I won’t speculate any further, but his Rip Van Winkle routine seems to coincide with Barack Obama laying the smackdown.

Where on earth is Carmen San Diego?

That is what the situation has become, the most wanted man on earth has not been seen or heard from since his completed his masterpeice.

Who knows what has happened, but I know this.

If I was the President of the United States, I would have thrown my political weight around, to the point that I would threaten to revoke treaties and resource distribution if the country of Ecuador did not release him into my custody 10 minutes ago.

I would take Mr. Assange to a hidden facility somewhere in the United States, and I would have America’s finest legally interrogate him for a months straight.

I would consider him a prisoner of war, because that is exactly what he was complicit in, I would not be bound by due process, or the court of law.

This was more serious than a your run of the mill criminal.

This was an act of war against the United States.

I would squeeze him until he flipped, I would have him singing like he was Whitney Houston.

I would want to know everything, every contact, every email, every phone call, the name of his pets, I would tear his life apart.

I then would take the considerable evidence at my disposal, and supplement the impending report that will detail the extent of the Russian’s actions over the last 6 months.

I would also be curious about his communications with the Trump campaign, the RNC, news organizations, and other hostile nations who have avoided detection to this point.

After that, once I had squeezed every drop of information out of this criminal, I would turn him over to the Swedish government, and let them prosocute this rabble rouser for the sexual assault charges he has been ducking for the last 3 years.

In my America, right now, Julian Assange would be among my top priorities.

Lets get him in a room, lets find out everything he knows, shut down that ridiculous website, and obtain the type of information we need to punish Russia beyond recognition, and take back the union that was stolen from us.




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