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Are Anderson Cooper and CNN being totally honest about the twitter hack?


From Twitter

Early this morning the verified twitter account of Anderson Cooper produced some rather aggressive tweets about President Donald Trump.

Cooper has flown off the rails before, but never to the point that anyone would question his decency.

After all, the television personality is a member of the press, and his network has been locked in constant battle with Trump over a supposed (anti-Trump) bias within the general coverage of the President.

This tweet does not help matters, the type of fodder the bold commander and chief can use to discredit the media he so closely moniters.

The story was bad enough when the tweet got published, but it was all over the place when CNN provided an explanation.

From the Hill

A person┬ástole the smartphone belonging to Cooper’s assistant, the only other person with access to the anchor’s Twitter account, after he “left his phone unlocked and unattended at the gym early this morning,” a CNN spokesperson told┬áThe Hill.

Social media wasn’t exactly buying Cooper’s story, or the fact that CNN cosigned it.

What are the odds that someone would encounter Cooper’s fun at the precise moment he wasn’t watching it?

Most people keep their phones on them at the gym for music, and security.

How many times have we seen a public figure publish something lude or aggressive on social media only to turn around and claim their account was hacked?

“My account was hacked” is a pretty solid alibi, even for the guility.

Very difficult to disprove a negative.

Perhaps we can rely upon Occam’s Razor to sort out this puzzle.

In all things being equal, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one.

Would Cooper and CNN mislead  the American public over something so trivial?

Seems unlikely.

Is there a chance that Cooper fired off an angry early morning reactionary tweet?

Absolutely yes.



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