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Are Trump Jr’s emails the new Nixon Tapes?

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Donald Trump Jr’s email chain between himself,and publicist Rod Goldstone has created an unprecedented firestorm in American politics.

They are the new Watergate tapes, but they carry far more dangerous implications for the country, and the actors who committed this fraud against the American union.

The criminal and counter intelligence probe into Russian meddling, and the Trump’s potentially colluding has rocked America to it’s core, and the story has truly become the gift that keeps on giving.

For the first time in history, we have tangible proof of cooperation between members of a Presidential campaign, and the Russian federation.

The historical implications at hand here are off the richter scale, the Trump administration has a  good chance to be the most disgraceful group of citizens to ever take the White House.

Congrats to the people that voted for them, they are all yours.

Making polarizing statements, instituting bigoted travel bans, denigrating women, destroying universal healthcare, showing lukewarm interest in minorities, appointing a fraud to be the seceratary of education, suppressing the media(with off camera briefings) including threatening one journalist with a hit story if she did not shore up her coverage of the President.

A story that was published.

The list goes on and on as to why so many citizens want these people gone, but until Trump fired FBI directorJames Comey, it was an unrealistic possibility that he would be removed within a year of taking office.

This writer predicted months ago he would be impeached by May of 2018.

Trump Jr’s emails changed everything, including my timeline for when the President will either be removed or resign.

Donald Trump Jr not only entertained a nefarious offer from a foreign power in the commission of an election, he arranged a meeting, he facilitated it, he ensured that major players from the Trump campaign would be present.

Trump Jr changed his story 3 times after the New York Times doused him with the bombshell revelations, and while he was not under oath when making those statements, he was changing his story on the record several times with the entire world tuning in.

Watching Trump Jr, and the White House scramble to make sense of this highly suspicious meeting reminded me of the opening scene in Straight Out of Compton, when the drug dealers are running all over the house trying to dispose of all the cocaine before the police bust the door in.

The White House handling of this story has been chaotic, unhinged, there is so many different excuses coming out of the Trump administration it’s difficult to keep track.

But what’s more important, is the list of denials from the Trump administration in regards to such meetings, or contact with Russian emissaries.

How many times have the Trump’s downplayed the Russia story?

They have gone beyond denying it, Trump fired James Comey because “this Russia stuff is a fake story”.

They have denied for almost a year that such activities were in motion, in fact, Trump Jr went on national television in July of 2016, and told fake news CNN that such allegations are “phony”.

This was just over  a month after he appeared to collude with agents of the Kremlin.

Trump Jr’s email chain fits into a larger timeline.

Shortly after Rod Goldstone made contact with Trump Jr, and informed him the Russian government was offering damaging information on Hilliary Clinton as part of their support for Donald Trump, the future President of the United States threatens the Clintons in a murky speech that didn’t make much sense at the time.

If the American public had known about the communications between Trump Jr, and Rod Goldstone when Trump Sr made this speech, it’s doubtful he ever would have made it to the election.

It really strains credulity for the White House to expect us to believe that the emails, and the meeting have no correlation to Donald Trump’s public behavior as it was unfolding.

Even his behavior on social media raises questions, a point that was examined on the latest edition of Tastie Fish Radio.

Check the time stamps of the email chain between Rod Goldstone, and Donald Trump Jr, than cross reference the timing of President Trump’s tweet, you can see the connection just by examining the evidence.

If somehow you are still unconvinced that Trump was totally unaware of the meeting, feel free to produce any news reports that accused Hillary Clinton of deleting 33,000 emails before President Trump tweeted it, he appears to be the first public source to report the allegation.

How would he know that?

In all things being equal, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one, and in this case, it’s likely the President was aware all along, and even played ball by tweeting out the 33,000 emails jab.

What is really troubling however is the Trump administrations willingness to cooperate with Russia, and cheat America out of a fair and honest election, and they were totally fine with the information being collected by Russian spies.

“High level and sensitive” information is collected by spies, not kids on laptops.

The very nature of this meeting is still unknown, that is not depicted in the emails, the fact that Trump was tweeting damaging statistical information after the fact makes it almost impossible that the Trump envoy walked away empty handed.

There is also the timing of the WikiLeaks dump on June 15th that didn’t stop right up until November.

This meeting changed the course of the election, nothing was the same after it was scheduled.

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There is also the question of Jared Kushner, who has updated his security clearance form several times as revelations about his contacts with Russia have come to light.

First was the odd story of him attempting to set up a back channel to the Russian government that would be operated through  the Russian embassy, now we learn he was present for a meeting with a foreign power in the interest of altering the general election.

There is also the story that he pushed the President to fire James Comey.

Many people are asking why Donald Trump Jr didn’t call the FBI the second Goldstone offered him damaging information on Hillary Clinton, but nobody is asking why Jared Kushner didn’t do the same thing.

When he was informed of this meeting, and invited to it, why did he fail to contact law enforcement authorities?

It was reported last week that Jared Kushner updated his security clearance form with 100 more instances of contact with foreign entities.


There is a feeling that the leaking of the Trump Jr story was an attempt to get ahead of even worse information, and to protect Jared Kushner.

The fact that 3 White House sources essentially incriminated the entire administration again gives the sense this was a strategic leak, there is some game of thrones drama going on behind the scenes, and lets not forget, often it’s Jared Kushner who seeks to control the direction of the narrative in terms of the media.

To paint Donald Trump Jr as some type of mastermind is not realistic, the last 96 hours have proven he is not a tactical savant.

Kushner meanwhile is the kingmaker, by far the most brilliant aide on Trump’s team, to totally ignore that, and put this all on Trump Jr is exactly what the White House is pushing America to do.

Jared Kushner should have his security clearance revoked because he lied about this meeting, and apparently hundreds of others , and the whole ball of wax has yet to hit the fan.


Where is this story going?

Straight to the Oval Office, Trump Jr,  and Jared Kushner are trust fund babies, they are going to sing to high heaven before they go to federal prison.

Michael Flynn and Jeff Sessions will sing as well, they have both proven to be mentally weak, and the weight of the world will be upon them when Mueller makes his play.

This is exactly what I predicted, the FBI is treating this like an organized crime case, they are going to go after the lower level guys in the interest of catching the big fish.

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Which in this case, is President Donald Trump.

Even worse for Trump is the other members of his team who are facing criminal scrutiny.

Michael Flynn is either already cooperating, or headed for indictments.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied during his conformation hearing about his contacts with Russians, then cited laws that don’t exist when questioned by Congress as a means to avoid explaining why.

Sessions is also involved shady situation involving the same Russian lawyer that brokered communications between the Kremlin, and the Trump team.

From the Hill

Seventeen Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee sent a letter on Wednesday to the Justice Department demanding answers as to why the agency abruptly dismissed a money laundering case earlier this year involving the Kremlin-linked attorney who met with Donald Trump

In May, the Department of Justice (DOJ) settled United States v. Prevezon Holdings Ltd., a $230 million fraud and money laundering case that accused Prevezon Holdings executives of fraudulently obtaining a tax refund from the Russian treasury.

In the case, Prevezon was represented by Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian attorney who met with Trump Jr. during the campaign

The Justice Department settled the case two days before trial for just $6 million. The letter, which was posted on Twitter Wednesday afternoon, demands to know whether the two events are connected.

“Two days before this trial was set to begin, the Department agreed to settle this $230 million case for less than $6 million and no admission of wrongdoing,” 

When will this all end?

The sheer amount of evidence that continues to pile up, coupled with the inability of the White House to communicate the truth with transparency indicates that criminal intent was a component of the President being elected.

Being a dumb criminal does not make anyone less of a criminal, Trump Jr participating in a such a meeting was stupid, but he should not get a pass for it.

Kushner being a novice should not absolve him of criminal scrutiny.

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Robert Mueller meanwhile is watching the media build a case for him, and it’s doubtful he has forgotten Trump’s consistent claims of the Russian investigation being a witch hunt, or attempts by Trump surrogates to discredit him as a viable special prosecutor.

In closing, the Trump’s have declared war on the media, the FBI, and anyone else that dared investigate the administration’s ties to Russia, it’s clear now they did so because they had something to hide, and the flood gates are going to open when people start turning states evidence against the President.





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