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As North Korea threatens to the bomb the US, should Donald Trump consider action?

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North Korea has announced that they will soon have the ability to test an intercontential ballistic missile, and that it will be capable of “reaching the US”.

For those that don’t know, ICBM’s are the most terrifying and destructive weapons known to mankind.

Supreme leader Kim Jong Un made this announcement during his New Years Eve address.

The obvious implication, is that North Korea is preparing to attack the United States with a nuclear weapon.

Kim Jong usually does something aggressive on American holidays, or at points in time when Americans are celebrating.

He launches missiles, makes outlandish public statements, or releases propaganda videos that depict the US being destroyed.

Despite all the threats, and the rhetoric, the fact remains that the North Koreans do have currently have the technology, or the capacity to miniaturize a nuclear warhead, and send it a long enough distance to be a threat to the United States.

Right now?

They could hit Seoul, they could hit Japan, they could hit China, they could even go after Vladimir Putin if they wanted too.

But logistically even hitting California would be a moon shot proposition for a country that is an entire world away.

To produce such a weapon takes development, and funding, research, something the North Koreans have in short supply as far as we know.

They work hard, but they don’t have the infastructure to get the job done, not anytime soon.

There is always the threat of the Chinese funneling resources under the table, but the risk does not match up with the reward.

If the Chinese are proven to be subsidizing the North Korean nuclear program, it would look almost treacherous that they have publicly admonished the regime for the continued testing of nuclear weapons.

The Chinese are not idiots, and that would be lunacy.

Such a scenario is unlikely, the Chinese would risk international intervention.


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Kim Jong-Un has made it clear to anyone that will listen that his ultimate goal is to destroy the United States, and he is willing to decimate his own people to reach that goal.

North Korean leadership is starving the population in the country, they have prioritized millitary development over everything else, and while the results have not been spectacular, they have been progressive.

North Korea is making advancements, and they are testing these weapons more frequently than ever before.

They have detonated several different types of atomic and nuclear based weapons on the ground, and they recently have been working steadily to put one of these bombs on a missile that can fly a considerable distance.

The majority of these tests have failed, so most of the international community regards the effort as smoke and mirrors on the part of the North Koreans, international leaders believe the North is using the threat of further developing the technology as blackmail.

Because the fact is, the North Korean regime would fall within 12 hours of attacking anyone in the international community with a nuclear weapon.

The country would be taken easily with conventional warefare, and everyone in the North would be torched if they fired multiple nuclear weapons.

They would not only have the US breathing down their necks, they would have the Chinese coming from the north, and the Russians coming from the west.

NATO would also have something to say, and who knows how the UN would react.

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Despite being at odds with the United States on a mulititude of geopolitical issues, a pissed off America with an itchy trigger finger is a nightmare scenario for the Russians and Chinese.

The Chinese would fear a unified Korea under the democratic control of the south, as well as the prospect of the US millitary setting up shop on the Chinese border.

The Russians would have the same fear, a unified Korea would mean America would have millitary installations on the Russian Border.

Both nations would move to appease the United States right away, and that would mean attacking North Korea.

North Korea has about 70 subs that are older than time and memorial, while they do have a large standing army, and decent conventional weapons, they would be hard pressed to defend the country for a full day if they came under assault.

North Korea is faltering as a country, the people are brainwashed or in concentration camps, residental housing is often without electricty, and the citizens that do work have to kick up 80% of their income to the government.

North Korea is already in serious trouble, they can ill afford any type of millitary conflict.

The truth is, that’s the last thing they want.

The North Koreans want aid, concessions, the means to continue to develop the nuclear program without being punished for doing so.

The key here, is to not give in, to not concede, millions of people have died because of the North’s incorrigible stupidty, the general progress of the country has been put on hold so the leadership can pursue a suicidal agenda that will never yield the results they want.

President Elect Donald Trump will have to tackle this problem head on, and given his emotional disposition, he might be the right man for the job.

Trump will be forced to play hardball, and if the situation calls for it, he might have to finally go into North Korea in cooperation with an international coalition.

At some point, he will have to go beyond tweeting, one day he will have confront the biggest challenge to his Presidency.

North Korea has been a probelm for decades, and if they somehow are responsible for weapon taking innocent lives, the world will have to act.

The North Koreans do not respect “strategic patience”, they could care less about sanctions, or reasonable negotitation.

The North Korean leadership wants to be a player on the world stage, and they want the world to help them reach that point.

Even if that means the systematic destruction of their own citizens.

Kim Jong-Un often plays the United States card to impress his people, and project strength, but as the flame of his country starts to go out, he will be pressured by millitary leadership to do something dangerous.

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President Elect Trump will have to stand in his way, or millions of lives will be at risk.

North Korea is blowing smoke right now, but that does not mean they should be underestimated.

They have proven to be resourceful, and stubborn, a dangerous combination.

The frustrating thing about it, is that China could pull the plug on North Korea, they just don’t want to deal with an historic refugee crisis, and they see the country as an important buffer to the United States.

But if North Korea were to attack Seoul South Korea tommorow, and 60,000 US Soilders died, the international community would not only go after North Korea, they would blame a Chinese government that could have prevented a large scale loss of life.

Because the Chinese have refused to enforce sanctions, because North Korea’s nuclear program has continued to advance, the US will have to install several THAAD units in various locations around Northeast Asia.

There is no other way to ensure security, and the capabilities of the system will also undermine the Chinese and Russian nuclear deterrent.

If the Chinese don’t like it, they can do something about it.

There is to many innocent lives at risk to allow this lunatic to run amuck unchecked, and the days of relying on the Chinese to be reasonable about it are about over.

Trump, and the United States, have a responsibility to snuff this man out before he causes the type of damage that could change history.




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