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Ben Carson blames his wife for the purchase of a $31,000 dining room table for his office

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Housing and Urban development Chief Ben Carson has been in hot water for the last couple weeks after news broke that he was spending a ridiculous amount of money on furniture for his office.

In particular, Carson green lighted the purchase of a $31,000 dining room table for his offices, a decision that he was forced to explain Congress.

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Carson contends that he left the decision making to his wife, and that the next that he heard about it was that this $31,000 table had been bought 

“Not that we don’t need the furniture, But I thought that that was excessive.”

Ben Carson’s explanation is almost unacceptable, he is admitting not providing proper oversight while also giving his spouse free reign with taxpayer money.

That is no fault of his wife’s, Carson empowered her to make thse decisions.

Carson then takes it a step further, and throws his wife under the bus before Congress.

Ben Carson is the head of Housing and Urban development, he is in full command, any questionable decisons that take place under his watch are his responsibility.

Not only was it unethical to allow a private citizen to disperse taxpayer money, but the fact that he threw his wife to the flames before Congress, instead of just being accountable is unbelievable.



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