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Between the Boy Scouts speech, and the tweets, Trump is becoming insufferable

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President Trump’s anxiety about the potential ramifications of the criminal and counter intelligence investigation into Russia meddling in the American election has reached a fever pitch.

Trump’s mood is somewhat understandable, Congressional and law enforcement authorities are going after his children, and other members of his inner circle.

Even worse, Trump doesn’t have any control whatsoever over the general investigation, specifically the inquiry being led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Mueller scaling up his team, and sourced reporting indicating Trump family finances are being scrutinized is driving the President of the United States up a wall and back again.

Trump is terrified of whatever is in his finances, and his tax returns, he fears that more than any potential connections to Russia.

He is so upset, so distraught, that he has completely punted on his legislative agenda, and thrown Congressional Republicans under the bus by distancing himself from them as his failed attempt at health care reform has degenerated into a dumpster fire.

Trump uses words like “them”, or “they”, when discussing the failures of GOP lawmakers, but he would be the first in line to take 100% of the credit if they had succeeded.

That’s not leadership, it’s free loading.

Despite this, the soft Republicans in Washington DC still continue to tolerate abhorrent behavior from the President of the United States.

The last 24 hours are a prime example.

First, the President gives a politically heavy speech to thousands of boy scouts in West Virginia.

The speech, the talking points, it was frightening to watch, Trump was addressing children like they were his base, and he was doing it at a Boy Scout conclave.

He took shots at Congressional Republicans over healthcare, Hillary Clinton, he again touted the legitimacy of his electoral win, and worst of all, he incited the kids to demean Barack Obama.

Ironically, Obama was a boy scout, and the President of the United States wasn’t.

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Furthermore, he is encouraging young people to disrespect a former President, a man who is retired, a leader who never created the type of chaos we have seen in 6 short months since Trump was sworn in.

The Boy Scouts speech was a disgrace, and his tweet storm this morning wasn’t much better.

Trump has spent the last week shaming attorney general Jeff Sessions, goading him into resigning.

Trump is furious that Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation, the President believes that the Justice Department is inclined to provide legal cover for the White House.

Trump sees the Attorney General as his personal lawyer, and that is the crux of the problem.

Sessions is standing in Trump’s way, because if Trump fires him, within months of firing the FBI director, with both dismissals firmly tied to the Russia investigation, the White House will never recover politically.

Sessions seems intent on making Trump fire him, he understands the damage it would do to an already teetering White House.

Trump also took aim at Acting Director Andrew McCabe, and went as far as to mention his wife.

Trump is attacking the rule of law, he is attempting to diminish an institution of democracy, and he is being enabled by the very people he belittles on a daily basis.

Trump’s behavior is rooted in privilege.

Sometimes the wealthy believe they are above the law, beyond it, some people believe they can do whatever they want, that money buys a free pass from accountability.

That’s unrealistic, not a mindset any judge will put up with in court.

When you break the law, when you engage in criminal activity, you run the risk of criminal prosecution, and conviction.

Trump won’t be fighting Clinton, or Obama in court, he won’t be fighting the people he hates.

He will be fighting the justice system, which bats .800 or so if you look at the numbers.

Money does not matter in criminal court,  and the President of the United States is about to find that out.




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