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Breaking: Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes steps aside from Russia probe

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In a surprising development, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes has relented to growing pressure from within Congress, and agreed to temporarily step aside from his committees investigation into Russian meddling in the general election campaign.

Nunes has made some highly questionable decisions as the committee chairman.

He canceled a second public hearing last week, claiming that FBI director James Comey could not attend, only for Comey to refute that, and state that he never received an invitation.

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Sally Yates was also supposed to testify at this hearing, and her valuable testimony was blocked from the record for reasons that have not been shared with the general public.

This comes about about Nunes briefed the White House on classified information without first sharing it with his committee.

On that same day, he conducted two press conferences, one of them on the White House lawn, the sequence of events was regarded by bizarre by most of the political establishment.

President Trump and his aides are currently under investigation for alleged illicit ties to the Kremlin, and Nunes behavior was seen as the equivalent of a suicide bomber, and the target was the credibility of the committee’s investigation into Russia.

Nunes also was spotted at the White House the day before his decision to announce classified information that he refused to share after the fact, and as of now he has yet to provide a credible explanation as to why.

Nunes stepping aside is a major development, and implies there is absolute chaos going behind the scenes as investigators attempt to unravel the full scope of this scandal.

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