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China, North Korea, and Russia: Make no mistake, they play for the same team

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Donald Trump’s approaching Presidency has created a geopolitical domino effect that is almost unprecedented in American history.

Never before has a President Elect inspired this much scrambling among the world elite, it seems to be a pretty fearful reaction all the way around.

Trump has conducted a wide range of discussions with international leaders, and he has done it with the state department.

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The domestic concerns aside, the true impact of Trump’s Presidency moving forward will be felt abroad.

As it stands now, this international community is as hostile towards the United States as it has been in almost 80 years.

With the emergence of China as the world’s second biggest economy, and the resurgence of Russia and her millitary, the United States faces a duel threat unlike any we have ever seen.

Some see them as a two headed dragon, and given the events of the last 4 years, that might be an apt description.

Both countries have openly provoked the United States on every level imaginable, and they enjoy doing it.

Trade, freedom of navigation, energy, there seems to be an understanding between both countries that goes far beyond treaties, and resource exchanges.

Both nations seem intent on undermining the United States, and eventually fighting us if the opportunity arises.

Ukraine, the Baltic, Northeast Asia, Syria, North Korea, and the Iran problem.

America is fighting this two headed monster on several fronts, and the theater is expanding by the second.

From Wikimedia Commons
From Wikimedia Commons

Vladimir Putin has made it his mission to not only be a millitary nusance to the United States all over the world, he also had the temerity to play with our national election, and do everything he can to undercut the concept of democracy.

Putin’s warplanes do mock bomb runs off the coast of Alaska, buzz our warships in the Baltic, the Russian Federation has consistently demonstrated dangerous millitary maneuvering over the last 24 months.

The Chinese meanwhile are playing a passive aggresisve style of hard ball, while supporting everything the Russians do, no matter how destructive.

For starters, China employ nuclear blackmail against the United States with North Korea, there is no other way to look at it.

All of the postering, and complaining about North Korea is foolish, because the North Koreans depend on the Chinese.

The North Korean nuclear program has been kept afloat by its commercial relationship with China.

Oil, Advanced weaponary, proceeds from whole sale coal purchases, and general supplies pour into North Korea from the southern China, which is the only reason that country has not collapsed on itself.

From Wikimedia Commons
From Wikimedia Commons

Every single time the North Koreans test a nuclear device, or blast missles towards Japan, the Chinese put out a weak statement condemming the action, but thats about it.

The Chinese have even gone as far as cosigning UN sanctions against the North Koreans, only to turn around, and keep the rouge regime in butter brickle through trade.

The Chinese view Kim Jong as an idiot, but a useful idiot that can act as an umbrella, they see North Korea as a nuclear deterrent to the United States.

The perfect buffer.

The North Koreans are protected by the Chinese, which more than anything, has enabled Kim Jong to evolve into the problem he has become today.

The Chinese are as responsible for the stablity of North Korea as anyone, and the Russians also have supplied the North with conventional weapons, which has given the Stalinist government teeth as it prepares for a war that is inevitable with the south.

China’s machinations in the South China seas however are the most alarming.

They have engaged in massive dredging projects, destroying entire ecosystems so they can build huge man made islands that eventually will afford them forward positions in the event of a war with the United States.

They will be able deploy ships, planes, and bombs from these sites.

The Chinese have become increasingly assertive in the South China sea, and that’s a problem, because the biggest trade route in the world runs through it, and China is angling to control that route, and gain yet another commercial foothold over the western world.

China has also started conducting joint exercises with their Russian counterparts in the South China sea, coordinated bizzare exercises that give the appearance the two nations are planning on defending that part of the world together.

To make matters even worse, the Chinese and the Russians have officially aligned on the Syrian War, which is a further confirmation that two countries are firmly opposed to American interests in every way possible.

From Wikimedia Commons
From Wikimedia Commons

China is playing a dangerous game however.

The only reason that economy prospers is because of the American consumer.

The Chinese rely on a relaxed trade system that allows them to sell consumer goods at a dirt cheap price to the United States.

They do this with minmial tax restrictions.

The US is the hand that feeds China, and perhaps the time has come to remind them.

China’s biggest trading partner is the United States, yet they seemingly have formed an alliance with the Russian Federation, who without question have emerged as the biggest threat to world peace.

If the Chinese continue to play both sides against the middle, the United States will have to force them to make a choice.

If they wish to carry on with a booming economy on our tab, they will have to adjust Chinese policy on several fronts.

Trump has made this very clear in the last year or so.

  1. The Chinese will have to put serious pressure on North Korea, enough is enough. If the North Koreans were to bomb Japan tomorrow, most of the world would blame China, because they are in a position to prevent it. You cannot complain about Kim Jong actions, but enable him at the same time. 
  2. The Chinese will have to tone down the millitary aggression in the South China sea, that includes demolishing miles and miles of precious coral reefs in the interest of building war mongering installations.
  3. The Chinese will have to accept that devaluing currency is no longer going to be acceptable. To be fair, they are doing it far less than was the case 2 years ago, but it’s still going on, and now, it must stop.

Barack Obama took a passive approach to China because he didn’t want to rock the boat, and that has resulted in the Chinese walking all over us.

Donald Trump meanwhile might prove he is the perfect President to deal with China.

Besides being a ruthless businessman, Trump is also a rebel.

He has little to zero respect for authority, and he certainly does not appreciate the power China has amassed economically at the expense of the United States.

A hallmark of Trump’s campaign rhetoric, was his belief that China has gotten a free pass for running the national debt, and our ecomony all over the place in the last 2 decades or so.

If there is someone who knows how to upset the Chinese stranglehold on world trade, it’s Donald Trump.

And the Chinese know it, because they have treated him with incredible respect despite the fact that he crushes China every chance he gets.

China fears Trump, and with good reason.

From Wikimedia Commons
From Wikimedia Commons

He is shrewd enough to tell them to shove it, and smart enough to attack them within the context of trade.

Trump is already rattling China’s cage, and as someone who didn’t vote for him, I have been cheering and laughing watching the chaos unfold.

Perhaps this is what we need, an American President who recognizes the threat that China presents, and is happy to chop them down to size.

Ronald Reagan did the same thing to the Soviet Union in the 80’s.

Trump has not come out swinging a big stick, as he often does in business, he simply is throwing jabs at this point, but the jabs are pissing China off.

The Chinese are currently upset because President Elect Trump conducted a phone call with the impresisve President of Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen.

The Chinese view Taiwan as breakaway rouge state, not even a country.

China use to be controlled by nationalists, when the communist took over in the last 60’s, the nationalist fled to Taiwan, and have remained there eve since.

The tension between the two countries has been at a slow boil for decades, but there have been concessions made by both sides.

It’s clear between both states that China is the prevailing party.

  1. The “One China policy” means that there is only one China, and that includes Taiwan. So it’s considered taboo for any  foreign country to do anything that recognizes Tiwan as an independent state, a rule that the US has respected for decades thanks in large part to President Richard Nixon’s famed state visit during his term. 
  2. That includes diplomatic relations, any communications with Taiwan should always be routed through China.
  3. If Taiwan does anything deemed to be an independent act, China has threatened to attack them.

The Chinese take Trump’s phone call personally, because he is flying in the face of a domestic issue they consider to be serious.

Trump also broke with diplomatic tradition, and proved to China that his Presidency will not be predictable.

After learning of the call, and seeing the subsequent media reports, China filed a complaint with the Obama administration while also minimizing the importance of the conference.

Which makes no sense, clearly China was upset by the phone call because of what it could signal about the incoming President, and that is important.

If Trump somehow appeals to Taiwan’s leadership, China could be forced into a war it has threatened to carry out, but in reality does not want to fight.

The US has supplied Taiwan with enough weapons to put a hurting on China if the situation calls for it.

Trump, who is never one to back down from a fight, made some VERY good points about China, and served notice that the party is over.

Can anyone reading this refute his argument?

China is now being confronted with it’s worse nightmare, an American President who resents their success, and understands the nuts and bolts of finance.

Russia meanwhile is content to sit on the sidelines, the last thing they will want is a confrontation with a nationalistic American President.

The Russians are depending on Trump to lift the UN sanctions imposed because of Ukraine, which would allow the Russian economy to recover, and give Putin the chance to save his legacy.

So amazingly, after only 4 weeks in office, Donald Trump has our two biggest rivals off balance, and North Korea sitting on it’s hands as they wonder what his policy in Northeast Asia will be.

I am not a Trump supporter, I could not disagree more with his brand of politics, in particular his approach to healthcare, women, minorities and the constitution.

But when it comes to the snakepit that is the international community?

I am hitching my wagon to that steer, because Trump is about to shake things up, and it will prove to be a good thing for our security.

From Wikimedia Commons
From Wikimedia Commons

China and Russia has been allowed to present themselves as a counter balance to the United States, our way of life, our political system, the list goes on and on.

The time has come to put them in check, and the whacky Donald Trump just might be the man to do it.





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