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Confusion, shock, and bewilderment abound as Trump seizes the White House

From Wikimedia Commons
From Wikimedia Commons

It happened.

Donald J Trump won the general election, and will become the 45th President of the United States.

The President-Elect will be sworn into office on January 20th.

Trump shook up the world the way Muhammed Ali did when he defeated Sonny Liston.

This upset was shocking, nothing in US history compares.

He smashed all expectations, The election results were  a conventional paint job produced by an unconventional nominee.

After a filthy Presidental campaign, in which both nominees were exposed as unfit for office, many Americans simply wanted this election to be over.

I literally wanted to shower after watching the debates.

The relentless news cycle, the horrifying possibilities, America’s general stress level was pushed to the absolute limit over the last 2 years or so.

The fear mongering campaign of the Republican candidate did nothing to stem the tide.

Donald Trump offended the sensibilities of so many, on so many different occassions, that it became par for the course, we as a country accepted it, and in the end, did little to prevent him from taking the White House.

Trump’s zealous fanbase took over the election, and they didn’t all do it loudly.

Hillary Clinton meanwhile  failed to develop a true following, she was a default nominee to many, who would have prefered to see Bernie Sanders.

All over the country, silent votes for Donald Trump were felt by the general electorate, they proved to be the defining component of the election.

Citizens that did not want to be labeled  Trump supporters, or people that simply avoided the pollsters, slipped through the cracks, and turned the election upside down.

But they did so unknown to most media outlets, mabye even Trump himself.

This was not an upset victory, this was a political smackdown, Trump led the election end to end, he never trailed, and at no point was he in danger of losing.

He took all the battleground states, and relied on rural America to offset the general distaste for him among minority voters.

Trump even secured the votes of millions of women despite his documented transgressions in regards to how he treats them.

From Twitter
From Twitter

Donald Trump’s rise is historical on many levels, and could prove to be a turning point in history.

For better or worse is anyone’s guess, but the writing on the wall looks extremely destructive to the basic principles of Democracy.

The citizens that elected Trump, his voter base, embodied an electrifying rejection of the Democratic establishement, an unambigious repudiation of the Obama administration, and anyone associated with it.

Trump rode the common white man wave to office, he energized blue collar and working class Americans.

Even though he is a billionaire, he successfully sold himself as a run of the mill patriot  fighting a corrupt system.

Through his populism drenched message, Trump appealed to a base of Americans who might not totally agree with the basic structure of our system, and in Trump, they found a hero to carry them to the promised land.

Trump made an endless amount of promises to these people, his campaign was defined by commitments that he now will have to carry out.

Here are some of them, but there is about 100 I didn’t list.

  1. Ban all muslims from the United States
  2. Build a wall between  Mexico and the United States
  3. Repealing Obamacare
  4. Withdrawing from NATO
  5. Imposing unprecedented tariffs on the Chinese, and other key trading partners
  6. Fix the poor relations between Moscow and Washington

A President is expected to be a man of action, words do not become such a position.

Trump will be expected to deliver on his promises, Trump’s America will want to see progress, and his campaign promises are so extravagant, that it seems unlikely he will be able to do that.

Many of these citizens will expect a dramatically improved America, and Trump had better produce his vision.

What will they do if they find themselves still running place 4 years from now?

There is also the issue of the federal deficit, poverty, and racial intolerance in America.

Police brutality, planned parent hood, immigration.

These are just the domestic issues he will face.

Internationally, Trump is entering a snake pit.

The Russians are being as aggressive as they have been since World War 2, they are irking the United States all over the world, and have warned that War with America is eminent several times through state run media.

Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin, has designs on taking back portions of the old Soviet Empire, modernizing his milltary, and pushing the limitations of sovereignty all over the Baltic.

From Twitter
From Twitter

Trump’s legacy will largely be defined his relationship with Vladimir Putin, in fact, world peace might hinge on it.

They have been kissing and hugging through the media, but we will see what happens when Putin starts humiliating the United States during Trump’s administration.

What will Trump do if Russia shoots down American planes in Syria? Or attacks Poland?

China meanwhile is an even bigger problem.

One of Trumps core campaign promises was to ratchet up the pressure on China.

As the world second biggest economy,  The Chinese have emerged as the stiffest competition to the United States in terms of general commerce.

As our most important  trading partner, the Chinese have certainly pushed the growing anti american sentiment over the last 5 years.

They are passive aggressive about it, but they have made some dramatic moves as of late.

They battle with us over North Korea, the South China Sea, and all over the trade market.

They own an incredible amount of our debt, and rely on  the American consumer  to make the chinese economy prosper.

All of this really annoys Donald Trump, in fact, it seems like he takes it personally.

As a successful businessman, Trump will know exactly how to hit China where it hurts, and how the Chinese react is going to have an enormous impact on world politics.

There is also the issue of our millitary abroad.

What will happen to our forces?

Trump has preached isolationism, pulling our troops out of key positions all over the world.

From Wikimedia Commons
From Wikimedia Commons

He wants NATO members to start paying their bills, he also  believes South Korea and Japan need to pay the United States more money for the protection we provide.

He encouraged most of Northeast Asia to develop nuclear weapons, which is a distinct possibility, and could render the “pivot” to Asia pointless.

Such an action would be a massive departure from the status quo.

Not allowing America to project our ground and naval superiority does not bode well for world security, because Russia wants to expand, and China already is.

This is all very scary of course, we can only hope the systems of checks and balances prevents Trump from going too far.

Trump’s shocking victory has truly had a negative affect on some Americans.

Everywhere you go today, people are sad.

It’s raining, people are drying tears from their eyes, hangovers are all over the place.

Some of our worst emotions are consuming us.

Many of us are somber, fearful, apprehensive.

It feels like we are living in a different country, that the era we knew is gone, and uncharted waters await.

Pretty stunning reversal in a 24 hour span.

To those Americans that have lost hope, have no fear.

America has been defined by struggle, and progress, and we certainly have seen bigger threats than Donald Trump.

The key to remember who we are, where we came from, and what we believe this country should be about.

This is not about making America great again, this is about sticking to ideals that made us great in the first place.

Love him, hate him, he is our President, he has earned that distinction through sheer force of will.

Trump’s effort was a masterclass in marketing, and branding, there is no denying that.

Give him his respect, the office he now controls commands it.

He might be the greatest self promoter ever in the history of politics, and at the end of the day, it worked.

He now sits in the big seat.

From Wikimedia Commons
From Wikimedia Commons

How he handles his new office remains to be seen, but please everyone, don’t feel like the sky  is falling.

Cheer up, have a beer, take your partner to the movies, enjoy the civil liberties afforded to us by the constitution, and remember.

America will endure.




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