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Deadspin tells Senator Ted Cruz “to go eat sh/t” on Twitter

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The brilliant minds at Deadspin engaged in an online spat with Senator Ted Cruz of Texas.

The beef started when Deadspin asked it’s reader base to send in proof of Ted Cruz playing basketball.

I, along with many others, saw the post and laughed.

It was funny.

A random and odd request, but the staff over Deadspin made sense of the everything within the article.

Deadspin reported that Cruz had started a weekly basketball game for politicians on the Capitol Hill, and the magazine wanted to see images of this game taking place.

Deadspin even cited sources as saying that Cruz has a nice little jumpshot.

Ted Cruz got wind of the post, and shocked the world by finding a way to be funny himself, but also poke fun at the magazine.

Ted Cruz posted a picture of Duke guard Grayson Allen, and asked Deadspin “What do I win?”.

Deadspins twitter account responded by telling the Senator to “Go eat shit”.

Cruz responded to that request by posting a picture of Ron Burgundy from anchor man with the captions “Boy that esclated quickly”.

This was an epic twitter war, and people are making the argument that the good Senator took the fight.

We cannot really declare a winner, the entire situation is humorous, and should do no damage to either side in the long run.

From Twitter

Some have critizced Deadspin for tweeting “go eat shit” at an active US Senator, and because the magazine is now owned by Univision, certain folks are looking to hold Deadspin more accountable then was the case in the past.

What people don’t understand, is that Deadspin will do what it wants when it wants, and have fun telling them otherwise.




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