Despite being led by a racist/xenophobic President, we must not forget who we are

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Before the entire Press corps earlier today, President Trump made some remarks that are unsurprising, but worthy of review nonetheless.

He made these statements in such a fashion, that it’s almost impossible to believe he was not seeking a negative reaction.

President Trump truly believes in the ideal that this country belongs to white people, he views himself as the blond haired champion that is going to take it back.

The fact that remarks of this nature by a sitting US President could fly under the radar is a poignant indictment on the health of our value system as nation.

Immigrants are not animals, they are not inherently evil, most of them have no concept of white genocide, or the presumed anglo saxon ownership of the United States.

These PEOPLE are seeking opportunity, salvation, a path for their children.

Just because they are black, brown, or otherwise does not automatically predispose them to unsavory behavior.

President Trump is “so concerned” with the criminal potential of immigrants while he himself is under criminal investigation.

What we have here, is a loud mouthed bigot occupying the White House, and using the power of his offfice to infect the American public with fear, confusion, and ignorance.

From Twitter

All of this chaos will come at a price, the President, and those who are enabling him will pay dearly during the midterm elections, and the general election in 2020

A racist/xenophobic President, and impotent Congressional leadership is not an arrangement the country will put up with for an extended period of time.

The President’s behavior evokes terrifying memories of years past, the type of ticket that mad kings have championed.

What will ultimately stop Trump is the people, we have more power the he realizes.

We simply won’t tolerate it, this President is on borrowed time, anyone that truly believes this man will see the Oval Office after 2020 is kidding themselves.

Think of all the soundbites, tweets, hurtful public statements, any opponent with a brain will just run all of this media on loop during both elections, and ask Americans “is this the kind of man we want leading us?”.

The answer will speak for itself, America is bigger than Donald Trump, and he is going to find that out later this year.



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