Did James Comey and the FBI attempt to influence the election?


From Wikimedia Commons
From Wikimedia Commons

9 days ago the general election was shook to its foundation by the revelation that the FBI had discovered emails that “could be” pertaint to to an investigation earlier this year that questioned Clinton usage of her confidential email server.

Clinton had been previsously been cleared of any wrong doing by the FBI last summer after a lengthy investigation, so the news that she could possibly still be indicted blew the doors off the general election.

It turned the entire Presidential campaign on it’s head.

According to a letter furnished by FBI director James Comey, emails relevant to the prior investigation had been discovered over the course of an unrelated investigation.

Director Comey  announced this during a hearing on Capitol Hill, the director made this decision despite being instructed by Attorney General Loretta Lynch not to do so.


Evidently several influential figures requested that the situation be kept quiet, and with good reason.

James Comey may have violated the Hatch act, one of the many reasons he was advised before hand to keep his mouth shut.

From CNN

Congress passed the Hatch Act in response to concerns that federal employees had been used to support candidates during the 1938 congressional elections. Its general intent is to greatly restrict the ability of most federal employees to engage in political campaign activities (such as soliciting campaign donations or actively working on behalf of individual candidates), especially while on the job — or to otherwise “use [their] official authority or influence for the purpose of interfering with or affecting the result of an election.”

It was a woefully irresponsible decision considering the director had no clue if the newly discovered emails could warrant an indictment against Mrs. Clinton.

In fact, he had no idea what was contained in the emails, but took it upon himself to publicly implicate a Presidential nominee in an active investigation.

The ripple effect of his announcement was incredible, media outlets and voters automatically assumed that Clinton had been busted, that the front runner to take the over the White House could possibly have engaged in criminal acts.

Republican nominee Donald Trump treated the announcement as confirmation that Clinton was unfit for office, and his supporters rode the wave for a week or so.

Moderate and independent voters could have very well been swayed by the announcement, and considering that 43 million votes have already been counted, there is no doubt the announcement damaged Mrs. Clinton.

The stunning nature of the Director Comey’s letter seemed to be a political ambush, a missile designed to undermine the Clinton campaign in the 11th hour.

Clinton was crushing Donald Trump in the polls before the letter, most of America had stuck a fork in the Republican Nominee.



The race has tightned up, the letter gave Donald Trump   a serious boost with potential voters, and there now is an outside chance that the outspoken billionaire could actually take the White House.

In the meantime, the world waited to hear if the FBI had uncovered enough new evidence to prosocute Clinton for illegally sharing confidential information.

Yesterday, we got an answer.

From CNN

FBI Director James Comey told lawmakers Sunday the agency hasn’t changed its opinion that Hillary Clinton should not face criminal charges after a review of new emails.

“Based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in July,” Comey wrote in the new letter to congressional committee chairmen.

Comey dropped a bombshell on the presidential race last month when he sent a letter to Congress saying the FBI had discovered emails in a separate investigation that could be connected to the now-closed probe of whether Clinton mishandled classified information. 

So lets get this straight.

11 days before the election, Director Comey decides to furnish a letter that very well could have lost the Presidential campaign for the Democratic party.

He does this with minimal amounts of information.

Then 2 days before most of the country will vote, he clears Clinton of any wrong doing?

Who does the director think he is?

What gives him the right to triffle with the general election in such reckless fashion?

It would have made much more sense to announce all of this after the election, after America makes it choice.

It would have been simple if you think about it, this could have taken place next March.

From Wikimedia Commons
From Wikimedia Commons

“Over the course of an unrelated investigation several months ago, we discovered emails that could be relevant to a prior investigation of President Clinton, after a through review of the information, we again have decided that she broke no laws, and can continue on as the President of the United States”

What prevented the director of the FBI from actually waiting for the review of the new information to be completed?

Why would he go public before he could get his arms around this thing?

Nobody knows for sure, but his actions seemed intentional, his irresponsible decision appears to have been targeting potential voters.

If you consider the timing, the unilateral nature of the his letter, and the potential effect of such a big reveal, lawmakers have every right to question his motives.

James Comey should be removed from his post, we cannot have the sitting director of the FBI giving any appearence of impropriety, or giving the impression that the FBI would prefer to see Donald Trump in office.

Comey also should be made to specifically explain his (actions after he is demoted) to a senatorial committee.


Corruption is a very strong word, especially when referring to one of our federal agencies, but if you consider the timeline, what other conclusion can be drawn?

It’s almost impossible not to believe that he allowed his partsianship to influence his decision, which makes him unfit for the office he currently holds.

The director of the FBI should not have a dog in the race, he or she should work hand in hand with the Justice department, and make sure both parties are on the same page at all times.

America looked like a circus to the rest of the world when this took place, the integrity of our political system was actually up for debate.

The FBI owes Hillary Clinton and the American voters an apology.

Since they are so adept at publishing letters, perhaps they could produce a 3rd letter making sense of this entire fisaco, and extending Hillary Clinton the respect she deserves.



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