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Donald Trump: He wants to see people that burn the flag deported or jailed?

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Donald Trump as been on fire this week, and it’s only Tuesday.

First he claimed to be the victim of voter fraud, and that the scam actually cost him the popular vote.

An official recount is underway as a result.

Trump makes these assertions as Hillary Clinton continues to smoke him by more than 2 million votes.

So much for a Presidential mandate.

Trump cites this scandal without any evidence to back his claims, further enhancing the fear that he is an unfit President.

Much of America does not accept him as our commander and chief, protesters have turned out in full force to rally against his appointment.

The ever sensitive Trump has been angered by this exercise in constituional rights.

Trump’s temper tantrum is spilling over, he plans to quell the intensity of future protests against his rule.

Trump’s anger towards such an action is not without merit, burning the American Flag is among the more disrespectful demonstrations that can be executed in this country.

American flags are burned all over the world, the act is a symbolic vehicle of defiance towards an America that is often accused of imperialism.

But something about the burning of a flag on US soil does not sit right, even though it technically is not against the law to do so.

I personally disagree with Americans who burn our flag to express dissatisfaction with our elected leader.

In fact, I don’t believe there ever is a legtimate reason for torching the stars and stripes.

That flag represents much more than people, or a political system, the flag is about the startling social and economic miracle we have become.

There is less destructive ways to voice disappointment, saddness does not justify such a demonstration.

Trump’s proposal that such dissidents should be jailed will gain traction among his voter base, and many conservative Americans, who will argue that such an act is in direct contravention with American ideals, and those guilty of it should be punished.

It’s a nationalistic point of view, but also a practical one in the eyes of many.

The loss of citizenship however provides a window into Trump’s mind, and spotlights the awesome problem he presents to democracy, and the American way of life.

Trump has little to zero respect for the American system.

Our laws, our values, even our electoral process.

He intends to reimagine our basic structure in his own image.

He does not seem himself as a steward of the Presidency, he believes it’s some type of throne.

Someone needs to inform Donald Trump the United States of America is not a monarchy, that the Presidency is an office, not a man.

As disgusting as the act of burning the flag is, under no circumstances should the federal government have the power to revoke citizenship as punishment for carrying it out.

From Twitter
From Twitter

A fine?


Jail time?

That’s up to congress.

But the loss of citizenship is out of the question, this isn’t Russia, or Noth Korea.

Trump is going to be a four year President, his business dealings could cut that term in half.

It will be essential that the lawmakers on Capitol Hill limit the damage as best they can.

We must preserve democracy, and not allow this lunatic to compromise our value system.



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