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Donald Trump is America’s 45th President

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From Ween

Donald Trump has won the Presidential race. At 2:31am, Trump surpassed the 270 electoral vote threshold to seal a victory.

Hillary Clinton fell short to a man with no political background, a man whose political platform rested on racism, sexism, and xenophobia.

Though Trump pledged to “be President for all Americans,” at his acceptance speech, it is hard to believe such words with his track record for demeaning immigrants, women, and people of color.

Trump essentially won the Presidency by instilling fear and doubt in the American people. He convinced his supporters that immigrants are dangerous, women are irresponsible, and that Hillary Clinton was criminal, and that he could “Make America Great Again.” To call Trump’s campaign unconventional would be omitting some very choice, and necessary words, but I will leave them out in an effort to keep this PG.

Now that this election process is over, I do not expect Trump to make America great again, I expect Americans to stand up and stand together. I expect people to fight for their rights and protect the rights of the marginalized people who have fought to make America their home.



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