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Donald Trump Jr’s stupidity has become a colossal liability to the White House

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Donald Trump Jr testified earlier today about his involvement in the snowballing scandal regarding the Trump’s administrations alleged collusion with the Kremlin.

The situation is already bigger than Watergate, and the President’s son is at the center of it.

The thinking is that the two sides engaged in a smear campaign to denigrate Hillary Clinton, and elevate then candidate Donald Trump.

Trump Jr’s involvement has been under the microscope since it was revealed that he hosted a meeting at Trump tower with documented Russian operatives in the interest of obtaining damaging information about Hilliary Clinton.

Trump Jr knew in advance that he would be meeting with a Russian lawyer connected to the Kremlin, Trump Jr was aware the purpose of the meeting was to secure documentation that could swing the election in the direction of his father.

Even so, he took the meeting with the clear intention of colluding with Russian intelligence services.

It does matter that the meeting allegedly did not bear fruit, the intent is all that matters.

Trump Jr has thus far provided 3 different explanations as to why he would engage in a meeting with a hostile foreign power in an attempt disrupt the American election.

Today will make 4.

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Trump Jr was smart enough to release a portion of the email chain that set up the meeting when the story broke, and it debunked the river of excuses coming out of the White House.

Within that email chain, was a stone cold evidence that the Trump campaign was colluding with the Russians, and the fact that Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner were present for the meeting only intesified the allegations that the Trumps were acting in cohoots with the Russian government as far back as the spring of 2016.

The story took an even crazier turn when it was revealed that President Trump himself dictated the misleading statement that Trump Jr produced after the New York Times dropped the bombshell report.

The revelation of the Trump Jr meeting rocked the White House to it’s core, the choices made by administration officials in wake of the report is cauing problems right now.

The timline surrounding the meeting is odd, as the below video proves, it’s likely the President was aware of the meeting, especially if he felt the need to draft the statement about it.

President Trump also hinted that there was damaging information about Hillary Clinton affot, and that he planned to release it.

Donald Trump Jr finally testified today about his involvement in both the meeting, and any potential collusion between Trump officials, and agents of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In short, his explanations stinks to high heaven, the testimony only further cements the growing belief that the Trump administration worked alongside the Russians to secure the election, and then attempted to cover it up by attacking the media, distracting America with racism, controversial legislation, and outright lying.

Trump Jr told investigators he wanted to “determine Clinton’s fitness for office”.


On what planet does an impulsive and dishonest man like Donald Trump Jr determine anyones fitness for office?

Has Trump Jr evalauted his own Dad’s fitness for office?

It’s really strains reality to believe that Trump Jr went to a meeting with a bunch of Russian agents because he wanted to make sure Hilliary Clinton was fit for office.

Think about that.

Trump Jr just testified that he needed Russian intelligence to determine the fitness of a potential American President.

Such a statement insults our intelligence, and gives the impression that Trump Jr does not have an answer to this question that won’t implicate him criminally.

This testimony also really hurts the President, and his aides, because now everyone is going under the bright light, even staffers who had nothing to do with the meeting.

That is not a prediction, it’s a fact, Robert Mueller is seeking interviews with concerned White House staffers as we speak, the former FBI director is seeking cooperation, and insight as to why this meeting took place, and why the White House lied about the purpose of the meeting for days on in.

Amazing investigative reporting revealed that the statement that was supposedly crafted by Trump Jr, was actually a team effort that took place aboard air force one as the President was returning from a tour abroad.

Mueller appears to be focusing on that.

The biggest news of today’s testimony is the fact that Donald Trump Jr openly contradicted a statement published by the President, in fact, the statement was a bold face lie, and there is no doubt that Robert Mueller is going to get to the bottom of it.

Trump Jr might be the dumbest man alive.

He failed to be honest about the meeting several times, even when given the chance to do so.

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Then, when he realized he was caught, released an email chain that nailed him to the wall.

Now he gives testimony that proves the President of the United States published a massive misrepresentation that was designed to mislead the American people, and protect the alleged relationship between the Russians, and the Trump administration.

Donald Trump Jr has become a problem,  a colossal liability to his father.

It’s unlikely that Trump Jr is a sophisticated double agent, but his astronomical stupidity has implicated the entire administration, and could be the begining of the end for his father.



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