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Donald Trump mocking Beyonce, Jay Z, and hip hop was surreal

From Wikimedia Commons
From Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump has made his fair share of mistakes on the way to getting routed by Hillary Clinton tommrow night.

Hi campaign has been defined by populist propaganda, and mongering fear, dividing America.

No need to beat a dead horse, we all understand Trump’s game at this point.

Trump has become the Freddy Krueger of politics, no matter how many hits he takes,  you just can’t seem to kill him.

He can treat women with a complete lack of respect and empathy, he can alienate minorties and America’s international allies at the same time, and he can make unconsisble statements about the structure of this democracy.

He can insult Mexicans and Mexican Americans like it ain’t no thang, he can generalize an entire population of hard working people.

No matter what this man says or does, his supporters will keep packing arenas, and cowardly Republican party members will continue to back him out of fear, because they don’t want to lose his voter base.

It’s a circus, an American freak show, and Donald is only too happy to stir that pot.

With the election less than 24 hours away, one would expect Donald to become more presidental in the final days.

He has made a mockery of his party, at no point has this man conducted himself on the level with a Ronald Reagan, or an H.W Bush.

Even George Bush the younger, despite his shortcomings, was a genuinely warm hearted man.

He rejected any implication that he was some aloof country kid from Texas.

He cared.

Remember how he reacted when Kayne West called him a racist over Hurricance Katrina?


Donald does not care, he proves that every single day.

On election eve, Donald decided to instigate another personal battle that he cannot hope to win.

From CNN

Donald Trump on Monday mocked hip-hop music as he once again criticized the performance Jay Z and Beyonce delivered at a rally for Hillary Clinton, asking whether it was “talking or singing.”

“The language is so bad and as they were singing — singing right? Was it talking or singing? Right? But the language was so bad,” Trump said Monday during his first of five rallies the day before Election Day.

You have to remember.

This is the Donald Trump that sang and danced in black churches, attempting to convince black America that not only is he not a racist, but that cares, he wants to help.

He routinely used the African American community, and the plight of poverty, as weapons against Hillary Clinton.

But this isn’t only about being black.

People of all races, creeds, and walks of life love hip hop.

From Ween
From Ween

Hip Hop is for everybody.

So try and imagine how many  people will be offended by these remarks, citizens that didn’t like Trump to begin with.

This alienated a base of people he cannot even count, and he does this on the eve of the general election.

Now as for Black America.

This was a mistep on that front to some degree.

He attacked the most high profile African American couple in the country, this side of the Obama’s, Beyonce and Jay-Z are as close as it gets to social royalty.

He did this as he is asking for the African American vote.

They are both extraordinary entertainers, legends independent of one another.

They are loved by everyone white black green or orange.

To attack them, and and entire movement of Hip Hop, to imply that hip hop artist are not talented, that they are not artistically creative, is as dumb as it gets if you running for President of the United States.

If you consider Trumps track record with race, we don’t owe any him the benefit of the doubt.

Just a couple weeks ago he booted an African American Trump supporter because he believed the man to be a protestor.

The man was in his 60’s, wearing dark glasses for health reasons, and truly loved Donald Trump.

Trump does not appear to have the intelligence, or the emotional resources to be President, and that is why he will lose tomorrow night.

He lacks a true understanding of what it means to unify, to bring people together that don’t have everything in commmon.

As trivial as this is relative some of the bigger mistakes he has made, it illustrates why so many will vote against Trump as oppose to for Clinton.

From Wikimedia Commons
From Wikimedia Commons

As for attacking the ENTIRE hip hop game?

Look out, I would imagine the diss tracks are going to be hot and heavy, they might start dropping tonight.

Eminem, must be somewhere laughing out loud.




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