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Donald Trump will attack the cast of Hamilton, but refuse to take a stand on hate crime?

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Sometimes extraordinary stories emerge in places you would least expect.

Last night, from the scene of a production on Broadway, a roster of actors, had an unexpected audience with Vice President Elect Mike Pence.

Pence will be sworn in as Vice President of the United States on January 20th, 2017.

Mike Pence has been party to one of the ugliest campaigns in American history.

Alongside Donald Trump, the Indiana Governor and former US Congressman has been complicit in delivering a message based on hate, fear, and a complete lack of love.

Pence is a much more tolerable leader than Donald Trump, but that does not absolve him of riding Trump’s message to greener pastures.

From Twitter
From Twitter

Pence also has some questionable views towards planned parent hood, and women’s rights in general.

Pence attended the  production of Hamilton on Broadway, and at the conclusion of the show, the cast addressed Pence directly as he was attempting to scurry out of the theater.

The cast delivered a beautiful message, a unifying type of statement that should appeal to all Americans.

The message was honest, Americans are living in fear, hate crimes are on the rise, immigrants are in danger of being deported, democracy seems under threat.

A Muslim registry has been proposed, and the Japanese interment camps of the 1940’s is being cited as a precedent.

Americans have every right to believe that we live in dangerous times, and that is a direct result of the campaign Trump and his subordinates pushed to the American public.

Donald Trump got wind of the speech, and took to Twitter in the most unpresidential of ways.

It’s really scary  that Trump interpreted this message of hope as harassment.

The speaker was very respectful of Mike Pence, and even discouraged the crowd from booing him, so for Trump to paint this occurence as an aggressive situation underscores how out of touch he really is.

Or perhaps Trump is simply an intolerant person, incapable of understanding the concepts of inclusion, and love.

Love was a word used during the speech several times, including when the speaker asked the crowd to be respectful of Mike Pence.

Donald Trump meanwhile seems intent on proving to America that he is a bigot.

From Ween
From Ween

He hires a flaming racist in Steve Bannon to be his chief strategist, he issues a weak response when questioned about the rise of hate crimes, and now he is classifying a message asking for tolerance as harassment.

It’s interesting that he is uncharacteristically silent on the issue of hate crimes, but comes out guns blazing over a message asking for peace.




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