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Donald Trump’s dishonesty is the reason he got crushed by the Carrier union boss

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President Elect Donald Trump got his teeth kicked in Tuesday.

Carrier Union boss Chuck Jones crushed Donald Trump on his claim that he saved 1100 jobs at a Carrier plant in Indiana.

Trump trumpted the feat as a preview of his Presidency, even before taking office he was making America great again.

His critics gave him credit where it was due, it was the first bit of good PR that Donald Trump had seen in quite awhile.

Turns out Trump embellished the number, perhaps 1100 looks better than 800 on twitter, but a President Elect cannot be making such an error in judgement.

According to the Union Boss, Trump was counting employees who were never in danger of going to Mexico, and he left out about 500 citizens that are headed to Mexico regardless of Trump’s landmark deal.

Trump made two mistakes.

The second was to attack the union boss after the fact on twitter, as the elected head of state Trump has to be above that, beyond it.

He is not running for office anymore, invoking the bully routine is only going to make America that much more nervous and distrustful of his intentions.

Trump got caught in a bold face lie, and now he is attacking the people that called him out on it?

Is that the type of behavior we want from our President?



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