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Down goes Trump: Federal judge blocks immigration ban, effective nationwide

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The Trump administration is officially on it’heels.

In yet another landmark decision, a federal judge named James Robart, who is from the state of Washington, has issued a nationwide restraining order against Trump’s executive order barring refugees from seven different Muslim Majority countries to enter the United States.

Judge Ann M. Donnelly’s decision a week ago simply prevented deportation, this ruling renders the entire order impotent.

Trumps outragous ban against a population of 134,000,000 people was deemed unlawful by experts, and eventually by several judges.

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The word temporary is key here, because Trump’s administration will be forced to argue the merits of the executive order to see the restraining order lifted.

Which won’t happen, the order is 0 for 7 in open court, there is not a legal argument that can be made in support of it.

Paging Jeff Sessions.

After lecturing the departed Sally Yates on the values and independence required to defend the constitution before anything else, he now has to construct a viable legal argument to banish refugees from the United States of America based on religon.

He will look like a hypocrite by merely arguing for the executive order in court.

As for Trump.

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He has to be careful, if he attempts to overexert his executive authority, and instruct national agencies to disregard the restraining order, he could be accused of abusing his power as President of the United States.

I want everyone to breathe a sigh of relief, after the actions of judges, citizens, Sally Yates, and this newest development, it’s slim to none that this executive order will ever be legal in this country.

In any form.



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