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Exclusive: Tastie Fish interviews Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Klu Klux Klan

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Tastie Fish conducted an extensive telephone interview with the National Director of the Knights Party Thomas Robb on Tuesday morning.

This is the transcript of that discussion.

The interview was conducted by Brianne Kane, and Christian James.

This is a Tastie Fish exclusive 

Christian: Hey Mr. Robb, This is Christian James with Tastie, how are you?

Thomas Robb: Well I am doing fantastic, you doing ok?

Christian: I’m doing well, we know your time is limited. I am sitting here with one of our political correspondents Bri, she will be helping me conduct the interview

Bri: Good Morning, how are you?

Thomas: I am doing well.

Christian: So we have a set of questions if we could get started.  We would like you to tell us a little more about your organization, and how would you differentiate the perception of your organization versus the reality?

Thomas: Well I am the national director for the Knights Party, which is also known as the Klu Klux Klan, we are independent of any other Klan organization in the country. I don’t know most of the other ones.  We are the same group that David Duke was the national director of at one time. We are a white nationalist organization, we are also an Alt Right organization, we feel we represent the Alt Right movement in the country, but that does not mean we nesscarily agree with or support other groups that make the same claim. I can go on the internet, and find somebody  who claim to be Klansman, or part of the white nationalist movement who I personally find detesable because of their conduct and their language and so on.

So while those people claim to be part of the white nationalist movement, its no different than any other organization or church. Whether it be Baptist church, the Mormon church, or the Catholic church. The Baptist church claims to be Christian, the Catholic Church claims to be Christian, and the Mormons claim to be Christian, but that does not mean they share idealogical, philosophical, or theological beliefs. We are indepedent from everyone else. When someone goes on the internet, and reads some literature that is supposedly from the Klu Klux Klan, they can say some bizarre things. For that reason, sometimes, people do get misconceptions. The media so often takes the most bizarre, outrageous statement or actions that someone might make, and paint the whole white nationalist movement with the same brush.

Christian: I would like to move on to the next question, What about the members who disagree with the said changes you have made in terms of the knights party’s approach, even the name change? What about the constituents who disagree with some of the changes you have pushed for and proposed over the last 25 years?

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Thomas: Those people are not Knights, they belong to other organizations, and other groups. Most of those groups are very small, they don’t last very long, they are only around for a short period of time, a year or two, three or four years maybe and they are gone. They don’t have a track record They basically don’t count, I am not saying they are bad, I am not saying they are good, I do condemn violent action,  anyone who promotes hatred or violence I certainly condemn, but as far as laying a blanket on people just because they are not part of our group, I am not going to do that. They’re are many white nationalist organizations in the this country that I am sure are very good. Most of those groups don’t last very long, especially if they take on the Klan title. We have been around for a long time, we have been very successful at reaching the heart of middle of America, that’s who we are trying to reach, we are not trying to reach extremist, we are not trying to reach thugs, we are not trying to reach people who are violent prone, we don’t want those kind of people, they can go join a gang somewhere. We want to reach middle America, Moms, Dads, people that take their kids to school, go to work, go to church, take the kids to the soccer fieldwhile at the same time  being the type of  people that are concerned about what type of future their kids will have in America. I think the uprising of the constituency for Donald Trump verifies that.

Christian: Ok, I have one more question then I will hand it over to Bri. Based on things I have read, documentaries I have seen, people not just in your party, but many Klan groups  describe it as a love organization. My question is  how do you reconcile that with the Klan’s history in this country. The violence that I personally heard and read you denounce, how do you reconcile that past with what your trying to do now,

Thomas: I will answer that question two different ways. First of all, the so called history of violence within the klan is primarily a myth created by Hollywood. I am not going to say nothing ever happened. As for the so called lynchings, there have been white people lynched in America, not by the klan, but by local vigilante groups and so on. Beyond that, even though I think it’s  being exaggerated and a myth to help create white guilt. Even though I will say that, I will also say, even if all those things are true, I am not responsible for what my forefathers did, neither are you. I am not responsible for the bad they did, I am not responsible for the good they did. I am only responsible for the kind of person I am today, a father, a grandfather, and a person in my community. The historical perception that someone may have of a group or an organization whether it be the Klan, or the Jesuits, or the Catholic Church, thats all in the past, I don’t think we need to dwell on the past,  and we need to be concerned about the future.

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Even if that was all true, it does not justify the growing white genocide against white people. That is our concern, the genocide that white people are facing not just in America, but in Western Europe. That is why we are seeing a rise in nationalism occurring  not just in the United States with the election of trump, but in France, Germany, Denmark, Holland, the brexit vote in England, Greece. There is a growing concern throughout our traditional homeland of white people, who are concerned with the future, and the possible genocide that white people might be facing and are facing today

Christian: Go ahead Bri

Bri: Hi, can you explain the term white genocide to me? You have been quoted various times about denying the Holocaust, which I understand  is something you have believed for the majority of your life but I don’t understand the phrasing of white genocide if you don’t believe the genocide of the jews happened when there are camps and survivors. So what survivors are here from the white genocide? Where can I see physical evidence of this?

Thomas: Well first off, the reason you asking this question in such a manner, is because most people don’t understand what genocide is. Most people think that genocide is just the killing of people, and they point to the example of Germany, and the Nazi regime. I don’t know what happened there, I wasn’t there, but genocide is more than just the wholesale killing of people. According to the United Nations charter, genocide is other things besides killing. It includes causing serious bodily harm, or mental harm to members of groups, deliberately inflicting conditions of life on a group, imposing measures intended to prevent birth within a group.

I think anytime anything is put out to create white guilt, that is creating harm, that is creating genocide. Certainly with the change in our immigration laws that occurred in 1965, when prior to that, we were a nation of 92% white people and now, with the immigration laws, we are a country that is also exclusively made up of immigrants from non-white countries. We see examples of genocide in our national government. There is a black congressional caucus, a spanish congressional caucus, there is no such thing as white congressional caucus. That would be horrifying if a white congressman said “I think we need to have gathering for white congressman, and white senators, who are going to speak out in the interest of white people”.

Bri: Let me clarify my question rather. Is it true that you believe there should be a distinct separation of communities  based on race, and if so, was the Holocaust just a separating of these communities, and it wasn’t violent to the extent that we read about in history books?

Thomas: I don’t know about the Holocaust because I don’t believe it happened. It’s besides the point, but I don’t care what happened 50 years ago, I care about what’s happening to people today. According to Time Magazine, in their March 2010 edition, the title of the main article was “Is your baby racist?” A main headline article sub page story. In that story they talk about how children as little as 6 months old are identifying their race, racial type. But the context of the article is what is alarming, because while recognizing racial identity for non-white children is a good thing, white children should not be encouraged to create a racial identity?

Why is it that white children should not be allowed to have a racial identity? White children should be allowed to have a racial identity. This is another example of genocide. According to Joe Biden, this country will be less than 50% white by next year, in a country founded by our forefathers.

If someone does not want to have a concern, thats ok, if you don’t want to have a concern thats your life,  but don’t call someone a hater, or a bigot, or a monster because they are concerned with the future of their children.

Bri: Let me jump to more current events, The Crusader, your publication, there was a double page spread of the “Make America Great again” at the top, which happens to be President Elect Donald Trumps slogan during his campaign, what was the purpose of this explicitly?

Thomas: Purpose of what? Having an article in the paper?

Bri: The purpose of having a double page spread of his slogan without directly referencing his campaign given that after it came out, he called your publication repulsive and that..

Thomas: Thats fine, I don’t care, I am not offended by what he calls our publication. Donald Trump is not a white nationalist, Donald Trump is not concerned with our racial identity, but there is other issues as to why we should support a candidate for President besides issues of race. Issues of the economy, issues of the border, his position on ISIS, his position on jobs, these are all issues we can certainly support. His position on nationalism versus globalism. There is many reasons why you can support somebody, it does not have to be a racial position.  So I don’t care if Trump called our publication horrible, it makes no difference to me.

As far as the article, we are a newspaper, we might not be as big as the New York Times, but we still report news, and have a political position and an editorial position. . That’s what the context of the article was about

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Bri: Can you explain how you believe the Knights will be affected by a Trump Presidency? Given the current issues you agree with, while not necessarily agreeing wth him entirely. Can you explain how the Knights, or white people in general would be affected by a Trump Presidency in the future?

Thomas: In general, and let me speak for the white nationalist movement, and the alt right movement, not just the knights, but all people that support the alt right movement. I am speaking from experience, 50 years or more. We are not asking that white people to be given special favors, or special considerations, or special privileges, we believe in a level playing field. We believe people should be hired promoted, perhaps fired, or given scholarships based on their merit. Because of their ability, not because we are trying to do some type of racial therapy. We don’t want to see favoritism because of the color of someones skin. Thats why we feel that affirmative action and things like that are another form of white genocide.

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We believe in the government that our four fathers created, a constitutional government, where people are treated equally and fairly across the board. Not getting any special favors or considerations from the government. And that the protection of our homeland, and our borders. Revisiting our  immigration law of 1965, until then we were under the McCarran act that was abolished in 1965 through the efforts of Phillp Hart, a senator from Michigan, and Emanuel Celler, a congressman from New York.

It was driven home by senator Ted Kennedy, and it changed immigration law. Not by the vote of the people. Nobody asked do you want to change your culture? Do you want to change your society? Do you want to change your neighborhood, do you want to change your environment ? Do you want to change these things? Lets have a vote? No, there is never a vote for those kind of things, they are forced upon a people. A mass invasion and colonization by a racial alien from Indonesia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, South America. The top 10 countries introducing aliens into this country are non-white countries. We see a great change occurring in our society, Time Magazine in April 9 1989, stated that this was going to change everything in our culture, our morals, our ethics, our values. This is exactly what has happened, not because people voted for it, but because the policy that was forced upon the American people.

Bri: Mr. Robb would this be an example of the race war that you referenced in 2008, saying that an Obama Presidency could lead to a race war in the United States? Would immigration laws be an example of that?

Thomas: There has been a race war since 1965, a race war does not have to be people shooting each other in the streets. There is a race war being fought in the courtrooms, on the television,  magazines and in newspapers, movies. The race war that is depicting white people as evil, we have been in a race war for years and white people are just not aware of it. They never had a spokesman for them, because of that reason, white people have been pushed and pushed and pushed, and now we see white people under the banner of nationalism trying to reclaim their homeland.

Christian: I have two more questions Mr. Robb, this race war your describing, do you believe someone is winning at this point? Do you believe Trump’s election could change the outcome of the war?

Thomas: If you would have asked me that on the 1st of November, I would say the white people are in retreat, at least in America. At this point right now, we still are in sort of a retreat, unless the demographics in this country change drastically within the next 4 years, or 8 years, then we are headed for a terrible situation. The white electorate dropped by 2% between the 2012 election and the 2016 election.

The white electorate will continue to drop, especially with the death of baby boomers. Right now there is 17 states, 1/3 of our states where there is more white people dying than being born.

What we will be seeing in the next 4 to 8 years is a huge oppression on the white population and therefore the white electorate, and therefore those that vote for white conservative Christian values that have been the hallmark of this country since its inception. You have people whose grandparents were not born in this country, that have no connection to this country, no emotional connection to this country. Don’t call me a hater for saying this, but unless something changes or occurs, Trump will most likely wont get elected.

Christian:  I wanted to ask you about something you were quoted as saying in 1990 by the Southern Poverty Law Center, your words, “When the Negro was under the natural discipline of white authority”…

Thomas: The Southern Poverty Law Center is not a credible source, I don’t know what the quote is, but the southern poverty law center is not southern poverty, they are very rich. The newspaper in Montgomery Alabama did a big investigation on them showing that the Southern Poverty Law Center is a mill for generating wealth and more fees, and the Southern Poverty Law Center took more damage when the FBI dropped them as a credible source of information.

Christian: Well tell me if this quote is accurate or not, Is this something you said?  “When the negro is under the natural discipline of white authority, white people were safe from the violence and abuse of the negro, and the negro was safe from himself”.

Is that you? Or is that inaccurate?

Thomas: That is likely correct, and let me explain what that means. I was born in Detroit, I was born in 1946, I am 70 years old now. When I was a youngster living in the 50’s, my father sold auto insurance, health insurance, all types of insurance. He had what was called a debit route, and he would go into the community on this route, and collect the premium, every month, every 6 months, Im not sure when, but like a newspaper, he would collect the premium. During the summer, when I didn’t have school, my dad would ask me if I could like to go with him, and as a kid, I wanted to hang out with my dad. A portion of the route was in the black community. At that time, we called it the colored section of town, we won’t call it that now, but whats what we called it.

Never once did my mother tell my dad not to go to the colored part of town or that it was dangerous, or “hey Thom its too dangerous”. Or “you better carry gun, or you better find another job in a different part of town”. You know why? Because those parts of town were safe. The colored sections of town were safe communities, white and black children could play in the streets without fear, black girls could walk down the hallway without being afraid of being gunned down, or walk down an alley without being raped.  Black people did not have to live behind bolted doors, the black community was strong and safe, black families were strong. 85% of black families had a mother and a father in the home, local business drove the communities, and it was safe for a white insurance agent like my father to go there, and collect the insurance premium.

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It’s not that way today, in every major city in the black community, those people are living in fear, black children live in fear, black mothers live in fear of their child being caught up in black gangs, look at the number of murders in Chicago this year alone. History shows that the society back in the 50’s was safer for black people, and safer for white people , and its not safe for black people today in their own community.

Christian: I have a two part question. You said the “natural discipline of white authority”, so are you stating, or are you saying, that African Americans have a natural disposition to be under white authority?

Thomas: I am saying that the major characteristic of white people is law and order.

Christian: You say law and order but my father was essentially a judge, so I am trying to understand what you mean

Thomas: I am trying to understand your question, so ask me again

Christian: Ok, So the natural discipline of white authority, so in theory, African Americans should naturally be under the discipline of white authority. There is plenty of law enforcement officials, politicians, and public figures that aren’t white, and that are considered symbols of authority but…

Thomas: Sure there is, like that sheriff up there in Milwaukee that guy is excellent.  You can’t pick, and choose individuals, there are many black people, like Ben Carson that have excelled tremendously. Who could criticize a brain surgeon, and there is plenty of white people that I have whole contempt for. You can’t pick one person here or there and say that changes the rule. I think white people have exhibited  law and order and a orderly and decent society to a greater degree than black people have. Major cities were safer in the 50’s. The street names have not changed, the local schools have not changed, the housing has not changed. The only thing that has changed is law and order. When law and order was taken away from those communities, chaos ensured.

People like to think, that if your a white nationalist, that black people are rotten, and no good, but we don’t think that way. There are some I guess, but that’s not the majority of people within the white nationalist movement. We just feel we have a heritage that we want to preserve.

Christian: We just referenced history, and for my last question, I wanted to ask you an historical question. Bri asked you a question earlier, or maybe it was me, we asked about the violence the Klu Klux Klan was accused of committing against African Americans.

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You said that was Hollywood, and you weren’t sure much of that happened, and you know Mr. Robb, I am an African American, and I have family that goes back maybe not to the Amistad, but certainly the middle passage. I want to know if you truly are disputing that there was atrocities committed.

Thomas: Was there atrocities committed? Well…

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Christian: (interrupting) When I say atrocities, I mean lynching, casteration, burning, rape, the bombing of churches

Thomas: There is more blacks being killed in the city of Chicago by other black people. Blacks talk about it, you probably you know that yourself. There is places in every major city in this country where its not safe for people to go. It’s not safe for a white man, it’s not even safe for a good black person. Jesse Jackson himself  said a couple years ago when he walks down the streets, and hears footsteps, he is relieved when he turns around and it’s white youth not black youth.

I am not going to sit here and say no, no atrocities have been committed against black people, certainly there has been, but atrocities have been committed against white people. In every major city in the country today, right now, not 50 years ago, there is sections in every major city where it’s not safe to walk down the street, and that is because law and order has been removed from those areas.

Christian: So your not actually disputing some of the images I have actually seen of black people hanging from trees with Klu Klux klan members standing around them?

Thomas: Well it’s a picture, you can go on the internet and see pictures.

Christian: We would like to thank you for this interview

Thomas: I want to make a couple statements

Christian: Sure

Thomas: I appreciate the tone of your questions, I like an interviewer to ask the so called tough questions, because those are questions alot of people are thinking, and they want to hear the answers. So when an interviewer such as yourself does not dare to ask those questions, they don’t get answered. I also appreciate that your not argumentative, you conducted this interview in a very professional manner.

Christian: Thank you, we both appreciate that.

Brianne Kane was the lead investigator for this interview  

Christian James and Kayla were contributors



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