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Facebook + Politics = Our New Social America? 


The feelings of being shocked, scared and disappointed about this historic presidential election I can understand…I feel for all who are going through that, but the hate, extreme righteousness, and fear mongering I despise.

Hate, anger, and righteousness (especially combined together) will only divide people even more, and if you don’t care about that or only want to point the finger at your fellow American citizens who believe differently than you, then you’re a big part of the many current problems in our country.

Hillary Clinton wasn’t elected because she rightfully lost the trust of too many Americans, so no matter what you’re thinking or feeling about Donald Trump and his supporters, please be an adult by maturely communicating and go get some love from someone who cares about you – because using Facebook isn’t going to make you feel better, especially when using Facebook to be disrespectful or to spread fear and hate…sad that tons of adults are doing this. Oh and by the way, no one cares if you unfriend them!! Most people on people’s ‘friends’ list on Facebook aren’t actually friends anyways, so go keep putting your energy in ‘un-friending’ and passive aggressively lashing out on personal profile feeds.
You’re only doing yourself a disservice by convincing yourself that Facebook is going to make you feel better when using it unwisely.
Disclaimer: I’m in no shape or form a bigot/racist as I’m white and proudly married to an amazing and strong African American, nor am I a sexist as I’m a very proud woman who focuses specifically on empowering women to take control of their health/health awareness, nor am I a deplorable as I’ve spent most of my professional years in non-profit and educational systems advocating, teaching and empowering minority families, children and people with disabilities.
So on this day, I am proud and I feel vindicated for the many awful experiences I’ve had of being taking advantage of and mistreated in many political systems. Just to be clear. Thanks.
Please don’t put people in boxes, and stop using Facebook as a tool to project hate and passive aggressiveness which extends the divide between us the people of this country. If you think and we say we’re better than this, then our actions and behaviors should reflect that towards one another, especially on Facebook!
Thank you to the Hillary Clinton supporters who have been respectful towards me throughout this process. To those who’ve attacked and judged me for my beliefs and to those who have hate and anger in their hearts, I send hope and blessings to you while we are all struggling through this process.



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