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Former FBI director James Comey vents frustration at Trump and Nunes on Twitter

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The reclusive former FBI Director James Comey emerged from hiding earlier today to express his extreme disdain for the questionable machinations of Congressional Republicans, and the Trump White House in regards to extensive efforts by both parties to discredit the FBI, and by extension the Department of Justice.

Observers view the smear campaign as an overt attempt to also discredit the criinal investigation into potential ties between the Kremlin, and the Trump campaign.

House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes has caused unbelievable chaos over the impending release of his memo that will presumably summarize the efforts of the FBI to obtain a FISA warrant in pursuit of potential actors that were involved in the alleged conspiracy between the Kremlin, and the Trump campaign to tilt the general election towards the current President of the United States.

In recent weeks, Congressional Republicans have openly attempted to tarnish the FBI, attempting to paint the law enforcement organization as politically biased, and morally corrupt.

The White House meanwhile has put incredible pressure on the Department of Justice, earlier this week FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was fired amid rumors that Trump is intent on “cleansing” the FBI.

McCabe was one of the lead investigators within the Russia probe, and eventually was pushed out just like James Comey before him.

The memo has stirred considerable controversy because it will compromise the FBI in ways we have not seen before, methods, active investigations, the memo could expose information that has zero bearing on the Russia investigation, or Trump himself.

The memo is also allegedly inaccurate, the FBI released an extraordinary statement yesterday claiming that the memo painted a “false narrative” and contained “glaring ommissions”.

Devin Nunes, who both published the memo, and aggressively pursued the information contained within it, was accused of altering the memo after it had been approved by the House Intelligence Committee, but before it was sent to the White House for official approval.

In short, Nunes altered classified information to make the document more appealing to the Trump administration, and more damming to the FBI.

Acting FBI director Christopher Wray, who was appointed by President Trump, has broken with the White House over the issue, and is currently going head to head with the man that hired him.

There is whispers that Wray would resign if the memo is released, others believe he may be fired anyway for defying Donald Trump.

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Whatever fate awaits him, Mr. Wray has gone to the bat for the FBI as a whole, and just like James Comey before him, he won’t be swayed by a group of people that are publicly(and privately) obstructing justice.



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