Have no fear: You Are Not Powerless

From HR
From HR

This past weekend I stood on the steps of New Haven’s courthouse beside my sister and many other fellow protesters who were shocked, outraged, scared, yet fearlessly united.

As I joined in on chants such as, “no Trump, no hate, no more racist USA,” and “Say it loud, say it clear: Refugees are welcome here,” I felt empowered by the strength of our voices together, and inspired to carry this motivation into action. As a people, there is so much we can do to ensure we live in a place we feel proud to call home.

1. Protest

Using your voice can be empowering. Connecting with like-minded people can inspire more action. Sure, standing with a handmade sign, yelling in unison with strangers (read new friends), may not create immediate change, but it does do something for the spirit. The act of using your voice, expressing your truth, and standing up for your rights creates a sense of meaning and purpose which can lead to further action.

2. Sign Petitions

Again, who knows if this will spark change, but at the very least it gets your voice out there. There is a petition on change.org urging the Electoral College to vote for Hilary Clinton on December 19th, even if their respective states voted for Trump. There are many petitions, but this one has gotten the most traffic with over four million signatures so far.

3. Get Involved in Local Government

Did you know that you can attend town council meetings and voice issues that are important to you? Acting on a state level is actually a really effective way to create positive change. Get in touch with your state’s elected officials and check your state’s bulletin to show up, be seen, and be heard.

From Twitter
From Twitter

4. Give Support to Organization who are at Risk

Trump’s presidency poses a threat to so many people that make up this country. A great thing to do is to volunteer your time at an organization that provides services to people who will be hurt especially deeply as a result of Trump’s proposed policies.

5. Be an Ally

After trump’s election, harassment of women, people of color, people in the LGBTQAI community, and Muslims has increased. If you witness harassment, do not be silent. Befriend someone in need. See all people as people. Not standing up for the marginalized people in this country led us to where we are now. We are together in this and uniting under the common thread of compassion will spread hope.

From Youtube
From Youtube

6. Open Up the Dialogue

Again, silence on the issues that are at stake in a Trump Presidency are what enabled a Trump Presidency. Be open to conversation about racism, gender equality, xenophobia, immigration reform, and human rights. Breaking free of your comfort zone when it comes to expressing your opinions and shedding light on injustice will, in the end, help spread justice.



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