Hillary Clinton calling for a recount will cut both ways

From Wikimedia Commons
From Wikimedia Commons

From the moment President Elect Donald Trump stole the general election from under Hillary Clintons nose, I have dreaded a certain circumstance materializing in the coming months.

A recount.

In 2000, Al Gore and George Bush waged an historic legal war upon one another when the Gore campaign called for recount in several Florida counties

The process was agonizing, it dragged on for weeks, and all the while, the United States of America was in complete limbo.

We were also dragged in the mud abroad.

Not much was accomplished, just further affirmation that George W. Bush was the President of the United States.

Like Hillary Clinon, Al Gore won the popular vote in the 2000 election.

Like 2000, America will still emerge as the loser in the event of a recount.

Back to Hillary Clinton.

Clinton currently leads Donald Trump by 1.82 million votes, and that number is climbing.

She trails him by 30,000 votes in both Michigan and Wisconsin according to the New York Times.

Despite winning the general election, the figures cannot make the Trump administration happy.

In an election where an record breaking amount of Americans didn’t vote, and the Democratic Party was represented by a devisive nominee, Trump still failed to win the popular vote.

Now the discussion is changing, there are citizens in the scientific community that have begun pressuring the Clinton camp to call for a recount in several battleground states.

The concerned individuals cite irregularities, and possible hacking after reviewing the results.

In an election year, in which the Russian Federation openly hacked our system in order to sway public opinion to President Elect Trump, this is really the our worst fear come true.

From Wikimedia Commons
From Wikimedia Commons

The situation is a major problem, and in large measure, exactly what Vladimir Putin wants to hear.

He wants to see democracy underminded.

In the event of a recount, both potential scenarios are harmful to America.

If Clinton challenges the results of the election, and it’s proven that the election was hacked, altered, or trifled with, the very idea of American democracy could be irrevocably damaged.

The system would be in upheavel, a President Elect would be removed, the actors responsible would be become public enemy #1.

Americans would freak out, on both sides of the fence.

Heaven help us all of Trump, or Russia has anything to do with such an effort.

The flipside is not a walk in the park either.

Clinton challenges the election, and the result is upheld.

We will spend days, mabye even weeks wondering if our electoral process was a hoax.

We will read countless stories about election rigging, and Trump, this, and Hillary that.

It will be the same relentless election news cycle all over again.

It will be shameful for America, and fodder for Russia, China, North Korea, and everyone else that wishes to poke holes in the principles of democracy.

No matter what, Hillary questioning the results of the election will do damage, especially if she is right.

The night of the election, and the morning after, something did not feel right.

I got the sense that the wrong person won, that something was amiss.

I dismissed this feeling, and surrendered to my better judgement, because I had articles to write, people to inform.

Spreading misinformation, or mongering fear is exactly what I didn’t want to do.

From Twitter
From Twitter

I can only hope to my lord and savior that what we saw was real.

I can only pray that America will endure the humiliation of a recount.




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