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Hope Hicks had no choice but to resign

From Sputnik

White House Communications Hope Hicks has resigned from her post according to the New York Times.

Sources indicate that Ms. Hicks had planned to resign for awhile, but is only making the move now 24 hours after she delivered less than credible testimony to the House Intelligence Committee.

During the session, Hicks refused to answer any questions about the Trump administration after Mr. Trump was sworn in as President, but offered vague answers about her time during the transition, and her machinations during the actual Trump campaign.

Hicks also mentioned that part of working for Trump was telling “little white lies”.

On the surface, it would appear that Hicks is running the risk of being held in contempt by Congress while also admiting to the American people that she has not been totally honest at times during her time at Trump’s side.

Hick’s testimony did not inspire much confidence that she herself did not engage in potentially illegal conduct ┬áduring her stint in the White House.

It’s really difficult to believe that Hicks leaving the White House had nothing to do with the legal exposure she may now face in wake of her testimony to Congress.

The departure of Hicks leaves a gaping hole in the President’s inner circle, and the odds of the former staffer becoming a witness for special counsel Robert Mueller just skyrocketed.



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