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Busted: The Georgian government reveals Ike Kaveladze lied about his background

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After weeks of extensive reporting on the background of Ike Kaveladze, Tastie Fish was finally able to unearth some incredible details about 8th man in the room with Donald Trump Jr, and other actors who attended an election changing meeting in Trump tower on June 9th, 2016.

In that time, Tastie Fish has been unable to confirm who this man is, or where he is really from.

In a bombshell email to Tastie Fish early Monday evening, the Georgian government released the results of an extensive internal investigation into Ike Kaveladze that included the civil registry, and other databases.

The investigation revealed that there is no record of an Irakly Kaveladze in Georgia despite the fact that media outlets have been reporting he is of Georgian descent.

The government findings where in contravention with the initial statement given to this magazine by the Georgian embassy, which is that Kaveladze was an ethnic Georgian, but a Russian citizen.

If Ike Kaveladze is not a Georgian citizen, where is he from?

Where was he born?

Diplomatic sources in Washington DC have indicated to Tastie Fish that Ike Kaveladze is Russian, he was born in Russia, he was raised in Russia, and the Georgian government’s findings “are consistent with the facts”.

Tastie Fish has faced total resistance from numerous factions of the law enforcement community in regards to when Mr. Kavaladze immigrated to the United States, or under what premise he was permitted to enroll at the EMBA program at the University of New Haven.

The University of New Haven meanwhile has not yet provided an explanation for why a presumably Russian state actor was permitted to study at the school, or what company funded his education.

Kaveladze was hired by Crocus a year after “graduating” with an EMBA, and would become a Vice President within the company 5 years later.

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Government sources have been unable to confirm Mr. Kaveladze’s American citizenship to this magazine, they have cited laws and executive orders as the impetus for remaining silent.

The Georgian Government debunked the reporting of the entire mainstream news media Monday evening, and declared that this man was never a citizen of their country.

Russia has remained silent on the issue.

The Tastie Fish newsroom gathers that Robert Mueller is aware of Kaveladze’s fuzzy backround, and could easily determine who this man really is.

Tastie Fish will not be publishing our direct communications with the Georgian government as a matter of security. 




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