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Ivanka Trump is the last person that should be lecturing women on career advancement

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The party never seems to stop with the Trump clan.

Having already conducted one of the most controversial presidencies of all time  in the span of 3 months, President Trump and his affiliates continue to enrage America with their delusional and outright dishonest behavior.

We saw two striking examples of this in the last 72 hours.

2 days ago, President Trump was directly questioned by CBS over his still unproven wiretapping claims.

During a tweet storm in March, Trump accused President Barack Obama wiretapping trump tower, Trump came to this conclusion most likely after consuming a Breitbart article that was did not even meet the perquisite of circumstantial.

In the ensuing weeks, law enforcement officials, politicians, congressional committees, even attorney general Jeff Sessions debunked Trump’s claim, and when it became clear that the President had no evidence, his administration ducked the issue at every turn.

As time passed, it’s likely that Trump believed his false claims had been swept under the rug, that America had actually forgotten his wiretapping claims, and the fact that he promised “evidence” to support them.

Once Trump realized he had to back up his statements, he went about attempting to manufacture evidence to support his claims, and when nobody in Washington DC would get on board with that, he silently retreated.

CBS did not let him off the hook, which is a credit to good reporting.

Many see him walking off the set of an interview during relevant questioning as dishonest, and weak, the President is so fragile he literally cannot handle being faced with accountability, and that is not a character trait we like to see from our elected leaders.

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Let alone the most powerful man in the world, interviews like this are why many people in America do not trust the President.

Ivanka Trump meanwhile is publishing a book that is designed to galvanize women in terms of professional success.

“Women who work” appears to be an artificial battling cry produced by a woman who has literally been given everything.

Her book is dedicated to the advancement of women, and methods they can employ to succeed in the professional workplace.

On the surface, that’s a wonderful concept, gender inequality in the workplace is a real problem in America, and should be addressed continually.

It’s not the message that is the issue, it’s the source of that message that has people scratching their heads.

This book, and the person behind it are difficult to understand.

What does Ivanka know about upward mobility?

She was gifted an office in the west wing with security clearance, and the green light to represent this country to foreign leaders all over the globe.

She reviews classified information, and has direct input on the general direction of the country, she is more powerful than the Vice President.

She did nothing to earn this position, and it’s difficult to stomach¬†lazy attempts at feminism from ¬†a¬†person who sits by why her dad denigrates and demeans women in front of large laughing crowds.

Her last name is why she has advanced to the most high profile office  building in the country, she did nothing professionally to justify her position, and she leapt over hoards of deserving women to do it.

Career women that have dedicated decades of their lives to be in the position that was handed over the Ivanka Trump.

Ivanka Trump is stone guilty of plastic feminism, her job, and her behavior are an affront to women everywhere.



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