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Julian Assange and President Elect Donald Trump seem to have a private understanding

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Julian Assange conducted a rare television interview with Fox News Tuesday night.

For my part, I thought he had been arrested by the CIA, or was in the protective custody of the Russians.

A man that should be considered public enemy #1 is making network appearances on American television?

This is after his direct involvement in the hacking of American institutions with the goal of influencing our general election.

Julian Assange is a criminal, he was complict in an act of war against the United States, but Fox has no problem showcasing him after the fact.

Shameless on the part of Fox News.

The timing of the interview is strange, because not 4 days ago President Elect Trump promised the American public that “he had inside info” on the Russian hacks, and he promised ” more information would be revealed in the coming days”.

For a man that loves the sound of his own voice, Trump’s assertion was oddly cryptic, reticent, the remarks sent the news cycle into a tailspin while everyone attemped to figure out what he meant.

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What we do know, is that Trump has continually denied that the Russian Federation attempted to influence our election, even in the face of  a consensus belief amongst the intelligence community.

Trump’s refusal to accept the obvious is odd, as is his seemingly supernatural sense of when Wiki Leaks is going to act.

Lets face it, the Trump campaign not only seemed to know when email dumps were going to take place, but they used those emails as a pillar of the the Trump platform.

All the while, the DNC, the White House, the First Family, everyone was under attack by both the Russian Federation, and Wikileaks.

The publishing of hacked private emails to grease the skids of an  election is not journalism, it’s criminal, and anyone who attempts to glorify Julian Assange is failing to realize the extent of his crimes.

Julian’s interview with Fox was shaky at best.

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He suggested that President Barack Obama was “acting like a lawyer” with the hacking allegations.

“If you look at most of his statements, he doesn’t say … WikiLeaks obtained its information from Russia, worked with Russia.

Was (the leaked information) influential? Did it have a lot of influence? Statistically, yes. It was the No. 1 topic on Facebook throughout October. The No. 1 (political) topic on Twitter, also, throughout October.

Did it change the outcome? Who knows. It’s absolutely impossible to tell.”

Assange also denied contact with the Russia, Vladimir Putin, and the Trump campaign.

If anyone reading this believes that, I have a bridge to sell you.

The evidence seems to indictate that they have been in contact, Trump and Wikileaks were working like a tag team during the election cycle, and all of the emails dumps targeted the Hillary Clinton.

There was nothing objective about the actions of Wikileaks, they clearly had an agenda, and it so happened to serve both Donald Trump, and Vladimir Putin.

The US is 99% certain the Russians are behind this, the digital footprints are unmistakable.

They have even tracked the cryillic keyboards that the Russians used in the attacks.

So two things.

  1. Julian Assange should not insult our intelligence with lies and deception, there is a reason  he currently is enrolled in political sanctuary. He is a criminal, and if he would step 50 feet outside of the embassy, he certainly would be arrested. 
  2. Trump seemed to know several things. He seemed to know in advance that Assange would be on Fox News, he seemed to know that Assange would throw cold water on the presumed conspiracy at hand, and Trump badly needed an interview like this for his credibility. He has been taking a beating over his defense of Putin.  The timing of all of this is scary 


Despite all the smoke and mirrors, I have faith in my country.

American justice is relentless, if you commit an act against the United States, we will find you.

Our government is sworn to protect the union from all threats foreign or domestic.

If Donald Trump has any ties to Wiki Leaks, if somehow Trump, Assange, and Putin are working as some sort of evil triangle, it will be exposed.

This is not the Trump organization, you cannot sweep things under the rug to protect the CEO.

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You can cover dirt up, but it will still stink, and that stink will attract the curious.

I plead with all Americans to see through all of this craziness, these men intend to hurt our country, and we must punish them for it if enough evidence is uncovered.

As for Sarah Palin?

From Fox News

“This important information (the emails) that finally opened people’s eyes to democrat candidates and operatives would not have been exposed were it not for Julian Assange”

I apologize for condemning Assange when he published my infamous (and proven noncontroversial, relatively boring) emails years ago.

Julian, I apologize.”

She has some nerve, a woman that has claimed to be a voice for America is advocating for a man who attempted to burn the very fabric that holds this country together.

Palin is a political horror show, the idea that she once could have been Vice President of the United States still blows the mind.

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Her public statements echo the general sentiment of the GOP these days.

Defend the Russians, invite acts of war against our people, and slam the sitting President of the United States for his leadership at the same time.






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