Kellyanne Conway citing “alternative facts” should scare us all

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Of all the staffers within the Trump Campaign this past year, Kellyanne Conway appeared to be the most important.

He entrance into the battle at an advanced stage changed the destiny of the election.

History does not lie, the momentum changed when this woman became involved.

Trump’s administration, much like his campaign, is something out of central casting.

Never before has a presidental administration entered a term with so many questions regarding character, and integrity.

Most of his appointees have not even been confirmed yet.

Conway meanwhile is a master spokesperson, unlike Sean Spicer, Conway is cool under fire, and professional to the max.

Even when she isn’t making any sense.

Sean Spicer, and Donald Trump, independent of one another, put the adminstration on it’s heels on Saturday.

The both of them seemed ill prepared to to do their jobs.

Trump disrespected the CIA, again, with fallen officers hanging behind him.

Spicer ranted at the media, and made statements that were later proven to be falsehoods.

Spicer’s lecture infuriated the press, because it appeared that he was demonstrating fealty to President Trump, not being a responsible media buffer.

He also lied, several times, and there is no getting around that.

Yesterday morning, America wanted answers, and Kellyanne Conway answered the call on meet the press.

You have to applaud Conway for her ability to remain calm, but there is several serious problems with her behavior.

She had the audacity to coin the phrase “alternative facts” as an explanation for Spicer’s blatant use of falsehoods at his press briefing.

Alternative facts are lies, and it’s bone chilling that this administration would feel the need to lie about a situation that truly is immaterial at the end of the day.

These are the people that will be charged with our security, our economy, the justice system, and they are citing alternatve facts as an excuse for misleading the America public?

Alternative facts is an unacceptable concept, it gives this administration free reign to lie to all of us when they see fit.

Conway also said that they “might have to rethink this relationship” when Todd pressed her to answer his very clear questions.

That is a threat, she is implying that they will limit media coverage of the President if the press does not accept lazy falsehoods as gospel.

Conway had a chance to level with the American people, and usher in some form of damage control.

But she didn’t do that.

She doubled down on some of the stupidest lies in this history of politics, and fired a warning shot at the media for asking to many questions.

This administration is waging war on information, they would prefer we all remain tone deaf, and allow them to erode the credibility of the oval office.

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That’s not going to happen.

If you lie, you will be called on it, and citing alternative facts will not pass the smell test.




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