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Mayor Harp heads to Washington as Trump’s sanctuary order is banned

From Tastie Fish

Mayor Toni Harp headed to Washington DC this morning in wake of a San Francisco judge placing a temporary ban on a component of President’s Trump’s executive immigration that would potentially cut off federal funding to sanctuary settlements.

The nationwide injunction is iron clad, the northern California district court submitted the ruling yesterday afternoon.

Mayor Harp told this magazine in an interview earlier this month that she has firm legal basis to contest Trump’s executive order, and would be willing to take this particular dispute to the “highest courts in the land”.

Well that happened yesterday, and sanctuary cities like New Haven are temporarily insulated from President Trump aggressive measures regarding immigration.

In an email to Tastie Fish, communications director Laurance Grotheer informed the magazine that the Mayor “will not be issuing a statement at this point in time”.

Which makes sense, the stay is only temporary, and will be subject to appeal by the Justice Department, this fight won’t be totally adjudicated for the time being.

Victory is likely, not assured, and the Mayor has never been the type to gloat.

What does this mean for New Haven?

In the short term?

Butter Brickle.

This city will not be punished because it cultivates an atmosphere of tolerance, New Haven will crack on as a welcoming place for people of all creeds, races, religions, you name it!

The systems of checks and balances has protected the city, the President’s executive authority is not absolute, he is a steward over this union, not a king.

We are led by a fearless leader, who won’t think twice about doing what she has to do to protect her city.

New Haven based immigrants, and those that are here for work, school, love, remember that you are protected by state sanctioned laws that transcend the President’s anxiety to commence his diabolical cleansing of the United States of America.

Those state laws have now been cemented by the judges ruling, the same basic argument that has destroyed President Trump’s order piece by piece applies here.

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It’s unconstitutional, attorney Jeff Sessions and his agents can burn the midnight oil, on precedence alone, they lose this appeal 9 times out 10.

There is a 98% chance New Haven will continue to receive federal funding.

In the event that justice does not prevail, and this ruling is actually reversed, Mayor Harp has the option to take matters into her own hands.

There is a nice little federal court on Orange street, the Mayor could easily take civil action to protect the city, and she has resources the President cannot possibly imagine.

If he wants to hurt us, let him come to New Haven and do it to our faces.

Yale would lend their full support,  the legal resources they have in tow could bring any court to it’s knees.

The law school, and the people that constitute it would eat this situation for lunch.

Harp is not only an alum of the Ivy League institution, Yale has some skin in the game.

Lets face it, Yale has serious money invested into this city, I have heard stories about the war chest of cash that flows through Yale, that place is no different than Apple in many respects.

A thriving business, the most powerful private company in the city?

Another question for another day.

Yale has students, real estate, the actual university, they are not going to allow Trump to attack this city.

Between the professors, alums, forget about it.

From City Data

In the event that New Haven has to fight, Tastie Fish to here to reassure everyone that the effort will be as unified and as dangerous as the Galactic Rebellion.




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