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Meryl Streep’s Golden Globe speech was magnificent

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This past weekend at the Golden Globe awards, Legendary actress Meryl Streep inspired a star studded audience with one of the more special acceptance  speeches in the history entertainment.

Streep was being honored with the Cecil B. DeMille Award, an award that demonstrates her life long achievements as an actress.

Streep could have been selfish, and focused on her considerable accomplishments in a career that has spanned decades.

The international icon did not do that, she used her platform to voice genuine concern over the direction of this country, her words could not have been spoken more beautifully.

This was her moment, and she decided to defend the well being of others.

Streep also took a risk, she knew she would be scrutinized by right win conservatives but took a stand anyway.

This speech was magnificent!

Streep displayed the type of character traits we want to teach to our children.

Courage, grace, and humility.

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Without calling anyone out by name, Streep sent a wake up call to those in this country that remain apathetic.

Her speech was also a flawless repudiation of President Elect Donald Trump’s impending Presidency.

She did not bash Trump, or waffle on about his shortcomings, she spoke in the context of what’s best for this country, and who we truly are as a people.

Trump clearly felt the heat, and followed his misogynistic playbook step by step.

When a woman stands up to Donald Trump, he reverts to personal attacks, the future leader of the free world took to social media, and attempted to discredit Streep as an actress.

The speech is a masterstoke, because Streep never actually said the name Donald Trump, but her words ate him alive inside, and as us usually the case with Trump, he will hang himself by going on the attack.

Thank you Meryl Streep, small media outlets like Tastie Fish will rely on champions like you for the next 4 years.



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