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Mexico is being treated with incredible disrespect by the White House

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The United States and Mexico got into a very public spat yesterday over President Trump’s proposed border wall.

One of his hallmark campaign promises, the President is hell bent on building his wall, and forcing Mexico to pay for it.

Instead of informing Mexico through diplomatic channels, Trump took to Twitter, insulting the people of Mexico and giving them an ultimatum.

Either accept my offer or we should cancel the meeting.

Mexico called his bluff, and canceled the meeting.

The situation escalated on social media before either side could so much as have a discussion, and that in large measure is due to the unprofessional behavior of the American President.

When Mexico told him to kick rocks, President Trump, through his mouth piece Sean Spicer,  proposed a 20% tax hike on goods imported from Mexico.

He also pointed out that the United States has a $60 million dollar trade deficit with Mexico, and Trump believes that Mexico is getting over on the United States.

He has really focused on the auto industry, even though Mexico’s influence in that sector is actually limited.

Trump is already  taking steps to make America great again, and bring our jobs back.

There is several problems with Trumps logic however.

1. Mexico won’t pay for anything, nor should they. The American consumers will, as well as the companies that import goods from Mexico
2. A alleged 20% tarrif will be paid for by the American companies importing the goods, which will drive prices up, and affect consumers directly. At no point will Mexico directly foot the bill. 
3. The Border wall will be paid for by the American taxpayer up front, and the American corporations plus consumers on the backend. 
4. Trump’s wall will cost billions of dollars, and is not guaranteed to disrupt immigration issues. 
5. Trump also does not seem to understand that cars are not made in Mexico, car parts are, but he is intent on tanking factories over the border to make his point. 

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The Mexican President has conducted himself with grace, and decency.

He has stood his ground in the face of overwhelming odds, and been careful not to insult the American people while his counterpart attacks Mexicans on a daily basis.

Mexico does not deserve any handouts, but they certainly deserve better treatment from our President, there is no reason to start a pointless scuffle with one of our biggest trade partners.

Trump has made Mexico the scape goat for domestic problems, and this untenable border wall will crystalize that belief.

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Mexico has every right to refuse to pay for the wall, and they should not allow Trump to bully them into anything.

Mexico has treated the United States with respect over the years, we cannot allow the illegal actions of the few to define the character of the many.

Trump and the Mexican President spoke by phone earlier today in an attempt to quell the tensions.

But the issue remains.

As it stands now, the American people will pay for this wall.

Mexico is under no obligation to assist us in that effort, no matter how big of a campaign promise it represents.

Your move Trump.



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