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Michael Flynn: He needs to either spill the beans or be put in jail

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Michael Flynn is treading perilous waters these days.

His dramatic fall from grace started the moment he suddenly resigned as National Security Advisor at Trump’s White House two months ago.

Flynn did so because he was caught conducting an inappropriate convervation with top Russian diplomat at a time of mass hysteria over Russian involvement in the American election process.

Flynn made certain assurances that were judged to be unsavory by the agents who obtained the information through incidental collection.

Flynn being pinched was not the result of spying, he was suspected to be an agent of a foreign government and proved it to investigators.

Flynn would then misrepresent the facts to the American public, concerned investigators, even Vice President Mike Pence, who actually went on television and defended this maverick of a politician.

Flynn’s machinations were considered a crime against the United States by many, and the pressure that resulted forced the man to step down from one of the highest offices in the country.

His resignation created a swarm of questions, none bigger than the fact that the White House was informed in late January by Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates(who was later fired) that Flynn conducted illicit conversations with a Russian diplomat the night before then President Barack Obama announced sanctions against Putins Russia for meddling in the United States election.

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The White House was in possession of this information for 18 days, and kept Flynn on board.

When he resigned, the obvious questions surrounded the President.

What did he know, and when did he know it?

President Trump’s support of Flynn looks more and more anti American by the day, but the Trump has defined his young Presidency with reckless and myopic commentary.

Flynn has also been implicated in accepting illegal foreign payments from Russian entities, and lobbying on the behalf of Turkey.

Michael Flynn a foreign agent for hire, he has accepted money, participated in sweet heart deals, and made assurances to a hostile power that was clearly involved in a wide scale espionage operation against the United States.

Flynn did not only an accessory in this crime against America, he was a serious player, and report after report reaffirms that.

In the time that has followed, Flynn has become a wanted man in Washington DC, and a pariah in intelligence circles.

Some want him prosecuted, others want his testimony, but the days of him doing nothing are coming to an end.

Earlier this week, after reviewing classified documentation, the House Intelligence Committee concluded that Flynn most likely committed a crime when he failed to report foreign payments, and this is after the Pentagon warned him against engaging in such activities in 2014.

Flynn for his part has offered his testimony in exchange for immunity, but that’s not going to cut the mustard after the details of his personal windfall became public.

The investigation into Russian meddling, and the extent to which Trump’s administration was complicit is the story of the century.

No amount of military bluster is going to remove the cloud hanging over the White House.

Like most criminal investigations, information is better obtained through people first, field work second, the other way around can lead to nothing.

Flynn is a person in possession of incriminating information that could blow this investigation wide open, he is also facing criminal prosecution for a laundry list of felonies that could see him in jail for the rest of his natural life.

The time has come to put up, or shut up, and that goes for the investigators as well.

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Flynn has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, law enforcement has him dead to rights.

There is no excuse for any further delay, none whatsoever.

Give him two options.

Either you tell us everything you know, or we indict you and throw you in prison not jail.

No matter what, his financial records need to be torn apart, as well as his phone records, and computer database.

His online accounts, email, facebook, snapchat, all of that should be under the scope of the FISA warrant that is in play.

Investigators need to create enough leverage to knock over a building.

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Michael Flynn is a criminal that is obstructing an investigation that will reset the soul of this country, he is sitting on information that could snap the truth in to focus.

The Department of Defense is now involved in the investigation, along with the FBI, THE CIA, several congressional committees, and a press corps that is burning the midnight oil.

Michael Flynn needs to spill the beans, or be thrown in a cell.

This holding pattern can no longer be tolerated.



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