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Michael Flynn: His request for immunity is a step forward for investigators

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As I wrote a few weeks ago, federal investigators are focused on the team around President Trump in an effort to develop inculpatory witnesses against the Trump administration.

It’s become clear in recent weeks that the FBI, in conjunction with both houses in congress, are angry and alarmed by what allegedly took place during the 2016 election campaign.

Hearings earlier this week revealed the true scope of Russian ambition, this was about destroying the cornerstone princples of the United States.

This acts was not tantamount to anything in American history, the hostility and the arrogance of the Russian Federation is off the charts.

If there was any question that Vladimir Putin is an enemy of the United States, 2016 provided the answer.

Putin is obsessed with world domination, and inserting leaders friendly to his megalomanic agenda is among his top objectives.

The audacity of the Russian leader is infuriating, but the fact that he potentially had American based help has the intelligence community’s backside tighter than a snare drum.

Everything they fight for, all the people who have died, or risked their lives, the world wide effort that is coordinated everyday.

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All of that was being undone by the Trump aides, the intelligence community was better off not coming into work, the last 365 days have been a wash because a group of self righteous individuals took it upon themselves to cash in on the American election.

The intelligence community cannot punish Putin, they most likely will not get their hands on the specific operatives involved in this flim flam, but by golly, they can punish the people within Trump’s administration that made this attack on our homeland possible.

This was an act of war against the United States, and Americans were involved in the execution of this act, while also walking away with more money in their bank accounts, and some of the highest offices in the land.

On top of all that, the President has been insulting the intelligence community the entire time, even before he was elected, even as the intelligence community commissioned a criminal probe into both him and his subordinates.

When the intelligence community produced assessment after assessment implicating the Russians in meddling with the American election, Trump played them down like he was shooting ducks.

Trump instead echoed Putin’s sentiments, which was to discredit American intelligence agencies in the interest of disrupting them.

If Putin and Trump attack the integrity of the agencies, they believe the American people will be less likely to believe whatever evidence they provide of collusion.

In large measure, this is a civil war, and the Russians are feeding the other side.

Much like they did in Ukraine.

Trump is attempting to change the way we do government, his flurry of executive orders are intended to get around the system of checks and balances, and put all the power in his hands.

He is learning that’s not possible, but it has not prevented him from trying.

Don’t be surprised if he attempts to expand the power of executive orders, the first thing a dictator seeks to do is drain the power of the national doctrine and the accompanying congressional body, then dismantle the system piece by piece.

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Many of the moves he is making are consistent with the oppressive states in their infant stages.

Which is why it’s become pretty evident that the FBI is going for the jugular.

This entire situation is an affront to the country, and an epic insult to the intelligence community.

The motivation to blow the doors off of this scandal is growing with law enforcement, and congressional investigators, this is the most important case of their lives, and a genuine opportunity to send a message to the entire world that the American government is not to be trifled with.

By anyone, foreign or domestic.

The scandal is widening, the FBI is looking as far back as a year ago, and it appears based on reports they are following a trail of money.

Money, certain people committed intolerable acts  against the United States of America to line their pockets, and the trail of cash is leading investigators way beyond what they originally believed.

Along with this illicit trail of money, are potential witnesses, and of course surveillance.

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Michael Flynn has asked for immunity from prosecution in exchange for his testimony, while encouraging, that’s not going to cut the mustard for the FBI or Congress.

Only in the event that he can provide substantial evidence of collusion should be immune from criminal scrutiny, the crimes are so serious that anyone getting a slap on the wrist won’t sit well with the American people.

He also should not be given immunity in advance of testifying, no way possible.

He needs to spill what he knows in advance, and act as a cooperating witness, investigators can already prove he broke the law, they should force his testimony and make a deal on their own terms.

His lawyer had the temerity to call this a witch hunt, which is exactly what the Kremlin had said in recent weeks.

Even in his weakened position, Flynn is still promoting Russian rhetoric.

Flynn is in the bag, he is going to sing like Whitney Houston, but investigators shouldnot stop there.

They should come for everybody, anyone who helped advance the Russian operation.

The President meanwhile keeps giving the appearance that he was involved in this conspiracy, even if he actually wasn’t.

He claims that this investigation is fake, his doubling down on the baseless allegations that Obama wiretapped him, these are transparent attempts to distract a country that is trusting him less and less everyday, these are the actions of a guilty man, he is not conducting himself like a measured honest leader.

Trump’s White House is more focused on obstructing the investigation than being of assistance, which is odd for a White House.

He also refuses to provide evidence of his claims, or face the American public in an open news conferences.

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The President must realize that the investigation is on the move, and it’s headed towards his office.

Between two congressional investigations, and the FBI, it’s looking more and more likely that the country is headed for unprecedented political warfare.

Which is exactly what Putin paid millions of dollars for, to disrupt our union in historic fashion.





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