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My follow up interview with Klu Klux Klan director Thomas Robb

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Last week this magazine interviewed the National Director of the Knights Party, which is another name for the Klu Klux Klan.

Thomas Robb is the leader of one of several Klans in the United States, he is the head of the organization that David Duke presided over before the embezzlement scandal, and his subsequent foray into politics.

Heading into the initial interview, I had instructed the team to refrain from publishing editorial copy surrounding the discussion, it was my judgement that we would appear more professional if we conducted the interview with a neutral disposition.

Our reaction would be that much more organic if we took our time, and with 3 different articles in the works, Tastie Fish will let our opinion known in short order.

Starting with this contribution.

First and foremost.

I find the Klu Klux Klan to be an affront to my basic values as a human being, my upbringing, the history of my family, and what my dreams are for this country.

After publishing the interview, I was surprised by some of the pointed commentary hurled our way, much of it was private, but the sentiments came from people I respect.

Some of you believe that we were not aggressive enough with Mr. Robb, that we were ambivalent in the face of his rhetoric.
I have heard that there are  those that feel we mishandled aspects of the initial interview.

I would like to reaffirm that it was my call to delay publishing editorial copy, given the graphic nature of his commentary, and the length of the discussion (32 minutes and 4000 words), it was my judgement that we would be better served allowing the interview to sink in with you the readers, and the staff that has been covering the story.

So if anyone should be held responsible, it certainly should be me, not Bri, not Kayla, or anyone else associated with this platform.

I did not want our thoughts to get lost in the initial confusion, as the editor, sometimes tough decisions have to be made.

Shortly after the interview I noticed the conversation appeared to be incomplete, and some of his answers raised more questions.

Between direct feedback, and my own personal review, I felt ashamed that I did not press him on denying the Holocaust.

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As a history major, I found it to be unacceptable, and would like to apologize to anyone who felt slighted, or perceived the oversight as an ill timed bout of apathy.

After a couple days it started to eat at me.

I was troubled that this magazine was confronted by a man that preached Holocaust denial, but for whatever reason, we did not get after him to explain such a ludicrous position in detail.

Yes he is a public figure, but that does not absolve him of ignoring logic, and evidence.

It also did not help that he had in fact contradicted himself when explaining his general view of the Holocaust, and why it didn’t happen.

After some extra leg work, and conferring with my colleagues, I set up a follow up chat to ask the questions that needed to be asked to complete the discussion.

What your about to read is an exact transcript of our second conversation with Thomas Robb.

This conversation took place on Wednesday afternoon, with my friends Hunter, and Matthew.

It will represent the final interview this platform will ever conduct with this leader, or his organization.

On the backend, I will explain my personal opinion of our lengthy two part interview with a man who has offended 100% of our reader base in a short amount of time.

To the point, that people are upset with me.

This is a Tastie Fish Exclusive

Christian James: Hi Mr Robb, its Christian James. I just had 3 follow up questions and then later I can forward the link to this interview.

Thomas Robb: ok

Christian: I will be quick, we were pressed for time during the initial interview, we had you on the phone for a long time, and I would like this discussion to be complete. So I would like to pick up where we left off, but I want to switch gears.

Early in the interview, you had said to Bri that you “didn’t know what happened in Germany during the Holocaust you were not there”, but then later you said “you don’t care about the Holocaust because it didn’t happen”. I have researched your ideology, and the denoinmiation of the church that you are a part of, which is Christian Identity.

Its a 2 part question,

1. You said two different things, Do you believe the Holocaust happened or not?

2. How do you feel about the idea that Christian Identity at root is anti-semitic ?

Thomas Robb: Well first off there is not such thing as a Christian Identity religion, you can talk to 10 different preachers, and they might have different teachings and so on. It does not represent certain a code of doctoral beliefs or mandates and so on. One Christian Identity website might be different necessarily express the opinions of someone else. Christian is Christian. You can be a Mormon, or a Catholic, a Jehovah witness a Baptist. You can be one of those guys that has barracks and has 900 people committing suicide. Its a very broad term.

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As far as the Holocaust is concerned, I don’t believe it happened. I think many many people would be willing to debate that, including David Irving, who is a well renowned historian. He himself has doubted the Holocaust, I think an open debate might be good. As far as what I believe, I believe in truth. Even if it is true, even if it did happen, It still does not justify white genocide today

Christian James: (Interrupting) so let me ask you Mr. Robb, because I have to know. You are somebody who is acquainted with history, Just in interviewing you, and reading some of the stuff you have published and have said, you have a very good understanding of history. So as someone, who I think to some to some degree is an historian, what do you make of all the camps, the survivors, the history, the literature, the testimonials…

Thomas Robb: I don’t want to come across as a spokesman for Adolph Hitler, I am just saying in general I don’t believe the Holocaust happened, There is no written documents, or orders or anything else offered that show any kind of a governmental order asking for the execution of Jews. I don’t know what you would actually call him, but Fred Leuchter was in charge of execution chambers for the state of Missouri, Illinois, about 4 or 5 other states, he was an engineer. He wrote a paper 20 something years ago called the report in which he investigated the so called death chambers in Auswitz, and Majdanek. He said not only did they not gas people in those chambers, but it was impossible!

The way it was constructed, it would be impossible to gas people. Now let me say, there were people in concentration camps, people suffered horribly in concentration camps, there is no question about that. At the end of the war, when the railroad lines in Germany were being bombed and destroyed, bringing transportation to a standstill, people were starving in all those concentration camps, but not only them, the German people were starving.

In the winter of 1944, the government ordered that 800,000 graves be dug for the vast number of German citizens that would die during the winter months. Any war brings devastation.

To take the horrible conditions that existed in concentration camps, and to somehow translate that into death camps is taking a leap. Lets have a debate, open discussion, open forum, but nobody wants to do that

Christian James: After reading your website, and reading your ideology, it seems to be anti-semitic. Would you describe yourself as anti-semitic, would you describe your organization as anti-semitic, and if so, why??

Thomas Robb: What is anti-semitic? I consider myself to be a semite, I consider myself to be an Israelite, a child of Israel. What does that mean? I want to know what anti semitic means? Is that the word for someone that questions what happens?

Christian: You don’t know what anti-semitic means??

Thomas Robb: Abortionism does not make someone anti-semitic, our middle east policy does not make someone anti-semitic, but I will say, so what? Let them call it what they want. My concern is today, what happened in 1945 does not make a difference, my concern is what is happening today with white genocide. Even if everything you say is true, Hitler killed jews (sarcasm)and all this other stuff, lets say all of its true. That still does not justify white genocide.

Christian: Ok so your asking me, eventually our readers, and the American public to accept the idea of white genocide, but you won’t accept a Jewish genocide that’s been documented where six million Jewish citizens died, nine million  people in total, died.

I mean….where did all those people go?

Thomas Robb: Probably New York or Philadelphia, There wasn’t even that many Jews at the time in Europe according to record. Ok, you got me. Hitler killed 6 million jews, no argument. if thats what you want to say, the fine, ok. There is no point in arguing about it. Now back to 2017, and the concern we have for white people.

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After conducting the two part interview, after spending time with staff members, and conducting conversations with citizens who were personally affected by the interviews, I need to make several things clear.

I think it’s important to let everyone know that Tastie Fish as a magazine, and a crew, could not be more disgusted with Mr. Thomas Robb.

There was extreme internal concern over even publishing his words, there was people who didn’t even want to give him a platform.

I find his message to be deplorable, his social stances to be archaic, and his ridiculous attempts at revisionist history to be disgraceful.

Don’t sit here, with a straight face, and tell me the Jewish Holocaust never happened, especially when you have neither been to Germany, nor seen the physical sites that still exist today.

The Holocaust was an unholy genocide, the systematic murder of an entire population of innocent people, and if you are going to attempt to convince the public that it didn’t happen, you better have facts, evidence.

All Mr Robb could give this magazine was slogans, and racist rhetoric.

When asked if he and his organization were anti-semitic, the 70 year old man had the temerity to ask me what anti-semitic means.

He had the audacity to behave as of his commentary was a common belief.

He attempted to act like the definition was open to interpretation, and that obscure political stances could possibly be defined as anti-semitic.

Then he insults our intelligence, by attempting to weave it all together.

Here is what I define as anti-semitic Mr. Robb.

1. Denying the Holocaust ever took place with no evidence whatsoever to back up that claim while also conceeding that he has never actually been to the sites.

2. Speculating that the 6 million jews that died during the Holocaust in reality did not die, they simply relocated to Philadelphia, and New York City

3. Loudly refusing to believe that Jesus was Jewish, and doing it in a scornful way while making hateful remarks about Jewish people in general.  “Whatever you say, whatever you say,” Robb said. “It is a matter of dispute, it is a matter of dispute. He was an Israelite. The people that are today called Jews are not Israelites, they’re Khazars.” 

4. Preaching and promoting the Christian Identity denomination of the church. The ideology is pretty straight forward, the language without ambiguity. It is about as anti-semitic as it gets, and it falls in line with his outrageous approach to the Holocaust.

5. The fact that he defines himself as an Israelite, but refuses to give the actual citizens of Israel the same distinction.

I found his commentary to be bigoted, hypocritical, and incredibly pathetic.

He refuses to acknowledge one of the great travesties in the history of mankind, even in the face of overwhelming evidence,  but he wants us to accept the laughable concept of white genocide, and the supposed oppression that white people are facing every day?

Meanwhile, there is about 250,000,000 “white people” in the United States as I type.

Lynching, being cooked alive, gassing, experiments, starvation, all of that is in the past according to Mr. Robb, but white genocide, that is a cause we need to get behind and address.

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The transcript we posted tonight is incomplete, I removed the last 4 minutes because it was another long winded explanation of white genocide.

He told us that “black history month was another example of white genocide” and ” why don’t we have a white history month?” among other things.

Because he spent a considerable amount of time explaining the concept during the initial interview, I had no desire transcribe 500 words on it again.

There is more.

His assertion that the racial atrocities committed against African Americans by the Klu Klux Klan is a myth, that it was created by Hollywood was as offensive to me personally as anything I have ever heard in my time as a journalist.

I have seen images, heard stories, that statement is beyond false.

I have conducted hundreds of interviews, my resume runs the gamut, and never in my life have I been as frustrated as I was when I directly asked Mr. Robb to go on the record, and deny the Klu Klux Klan committed acts of violence against blacks, only for him to deflect my question, and start talking about black on black crime in Chicago.

Prior to the interview, our magazine had an extended internal discussion about how to handle Mr. Robb, the email chain stretched for days.

Hannah, Sarah, Ray, Bill, Kayla, Michael, Brandon, Bri  even Nick who usually does not get involved in such things chimed in.

During that discussion, I had an internal debate of my own.

Do I reveal to this man that I am black before, during, or after the interview?

I decided that I would not tell him before because I didn’t want his potential hate to cloud the issue, but when he denied the violence the Klu Klux Klan is clearly guilty of, and made it seem like some urban legend, I felt the need to inform him, and when I did, you could hear his voice crack.

It took the wind out of him, he had already assumed that because I was well spoken, and polite, that I was white.

Even when I implied that my father was a minority who worked in law enforcement, Mr. Robb didn’t catch it.

That sequence of conversation will remain my toughest hour as a journalist.

I could not say what I waned too, I could not scream, or yell, or curse.

I had to remain insulated, I had a job to do,  my friend Jo had coached me before the interview to maintain my balance, and my thoughts, and her teachings paid off big time.

This most recent interview was different.

I felt my sensibilities starting to creep around the corners when he attempted to revise history, and denigrate Jewish people to lengths I have rarely heard spoken aloud.

Millions of people died and to hear them judged, and harmed in such a matter sent my mind to a different place.

He wanted to further explain white genocide, but I had mentally checked out.

I was no longer interested in interviewing this particular subject, we conducted the interview to inform the public, but his commentary went beyond that.

From Twitter

He was attempting to spread his belief system, but his logic was so flawed, his views so incongruent, that he successfully made himself look foolish, and out of touch.

In a way, I feel sorry for him, he truly believes in the concept of white genocide, he perceives the advancement of minorities as some type of threat to white people while using a term as ugly as genocide to describe this fake plight.

Mr Robb  clearly has a deep hatred towards Blacks, Jewish people, and anyone that is from a “non-white” country.

Thomas Robb comes off as a pleasant man on the surface, and our interview was professional, and respectful, but I truly believe his message is evil, and has no place in decent society.

I have written and said enough about this man.

I am done.



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