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Obama on Trump wiretap allegation: “Like I’d want to hear more from that fool?”

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President Obama finally responded to the allegations that he personally wiretapped President Trump’s phone within Trump Towers in New York City.

Although the accusations have been denied by the Obama administration across the board, as well as the FBI, Obama was asked his personal opinion on the matter by a gathering of reporters

From the The New Yorker

“Like I would want to hear more from that fool? My first thought was, only a narcissist on the scale of Donald Trump would actually believe that people want to hear more from him than they already do.

When I read her (Michelle Obama) the tweets Saturday morning, she totally cracked up. Whenever we are home, and that guy comes on TV, I tell Michelle turn that damm thing off.

Obama made it clear to the press gathering that the allegations are false, and earlier today Spicer refused to provide evidence to the inquiring media.

From Twitter

So as of now, it appears Obama was the victim of fake news.

Unless the White House wants to produce intelligence to the contrary, but that would require actually doing a press briefing on camera.

Which the White House has not done in a week.

Your move President Trump.




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