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Only the President could be arrogant enough to incriminate himself on twitter

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What the heck is going on?

The three branches of the federal government has been in absolute upheavel in the 48 hours since former National Security advisor Michael Flynn pled guility to lying to the FBI.

The indictment was a political earthquake, it sent a shock wave across the political establisment making Watergate look like a picnic.

Despite the machinations of ABC news, nobody truly knows the full extent of the information that Flynn had to turn over in order to obtain one of the more feasible plea deals he could have possibly hoped for.

All we do know is that the information must explosive, and invole administration figures higher up the food chain then him.

Only Vice President Michael Pence, and President Donald Trump have higher ranking positions then Flynn did, and neither man has been brought in for an interview, or even been asked to turn over documents.

The writing seems to be on the wall unless something within the public record is eluding us.

Flynn advanced the story to the point that Mueller believes it’s worth sparing him an extensive amount of time in federal prison, that fact unto itself could change the course of history.

The secretive but uncompromising nature of Mueller’s investigation is terrifying for the White House, the excuses that came smoking out of the chimney in wake of the plea agreement demonstrated how dire the situation has become for the Trump administration.

First the administration leaked that Flynn was an “Obama era” official.

Then the story was that Barack Obama himself had approved Michael Flynn to contact Sergey Kislyak under the shroud of secrecy, and conduct foreign policy the day before President Obama sanctioned the Russians for meddling in the American election.

Anyone that has followed the story knows full both alibis are ludicrous, both scenarios can easily be disproven,  and the Trump administration must have realized it because those explanations seemed to disappear by Saturday morning.

President Trump himself took matters into his own hands on Saturday, and set out a tweet that put his Presidency in the hands of the legislative branch of the government.

This tweet could be used as material evidence to not only impeach President Trump, but indict him for obstruction of justice.

Indicting a president is a yet to be achieved legal precedent, but Trump just confessed to a criminal act of front of the entire planet.

The President is confirming that he knew Michael Flynn had broken the law when he pressured Comey to halt the FBI’s investigation into Russian interference.

Then acting Attorney General Salley Yates informed the White House administration that Flynn was vunerable to blackmail in late January, but somehow Flynn remained in the White House for 19 more days.

On Friday Febuary 13th 2017, Trump “fired” Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor after it was widely reported that he had misled the Vice President of the United States about his conversations with a Russian Ambassdor.

Trump has admitted that during this time he knew Flynn had also lied to the FBI.

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On Febuary 14th 2017, Trump met with intelligence officials at the White House, and  cleared the room to be alone with then FBI director James Comey.

During that meeting, Trump asked Comey to drop his investigation in Flynn to which Comey did not commit according to his written testimony to Congress.

Trump made this request knowing full well the investigation had merit, and could eventually lead to him.

Trump’s actions meet the legal prerequisite for obstruction of justice, and any questions about corrupt intent were erased when the President admitted he knew of Flynn illict activities prior to cornering Comey in his office.

Trump’s insane tweet is the climax of a timeline that started almost 11 months ago.

Robert Mueller could return an indictment against Trump right now, that fact has stock market in in a holding pattern and Americans fearing what may come next.

Nothing like this has ever happened before, there has never been a President with such disregard for the basic language in the Constitution, or the American rule of law.

That dynamic has continued to play out, even after the guility plea, and the incriminating tweet.

Trump’s layer John Dowd claimed Saturday night that he was responsible for the controversial tweet, to which the entire country roared with laughter, nobody believes that Trump had zero imput into the publishing of that tweet.

Dowd is in a tough spot, if he is lying then he could lose his ability to practice law, an officer of the court has a certain standard of ethics they must meet, and this isn’t it.

Trump has meanwhile has continued to attack the FBI, Hilliary Clinton, the free press, and anyone else that opposes him.

He makes these moves with low approval ratings, zero legislative wins, an untenable public persona, and a dwindling connection with some of the people that voted for him.

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Trump is throwing stones from a glass house, Mueller’s sprawling investigation has reduced his power, limited his influence, and captured people that fought side by side with him during the campaign.

What happens next is a scary thought, people are going to be indicted, and the President is most likely going to face the type of legal exposure that ends careers.

In a panic, Trump might do something unexpected, but he will be too late, the wheels are in motion, and the prosecutors targeting his White House have a plan c and a plan d.

Lets just hope America is still standing when the dust settles.




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