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Op-ed: NRA Chief Oliver North blaming ADD and Ritalin for school shootings was horrendous

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I was having a great day, the sun is shining, the Cleveland Cavaliers beat down the Boston Celtics last night, and I might go see Infinity War at some point this evening.

An email I just injested from a reader however has changed the course of my morning, and I want to share why.

For context, here is the video.

“The disease in this case isn’t the Second Amendment, many of these young boys have been on Ritalin since they were in kindergarten. Now, I am certainly not a doctor; I’m a Marine. But I can see those kinds of things happening.”

As a person who was diagnosed with ADD at a very young age, and subsequently was placed on Ritalin at the behest of my doctor, and the concerned special education teachers, I take major issue with this.

Oliver North is an idiot of the highest order, a convicted felon that is  spreading  unconscionable ignorance on the national stage

What happened in Santa Fe Texas this week was a tragedy of unbelievable purportions,  the scale of loss cannot be understood by anyone not actually on the ground.

Which is why I am finding it insufferable to listen to these bumbling politicians angle and maneuver to use the event to their advantage.

Once again the discussion in wake of the event is more about politics than the lives that were lost, the plight of the victims is being poached for congressional capital.

Unless it’s a kid that attended the school, a parent, a faculty member, familes, I tune out most of the talking head commentary in regards to school shootings, and Friday was no different.

It’s to the point, where I avoid covering the issue altogether, but I am going to make an exception in this case.

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To scapegoat special education kids as the common denominator in acts of mass murder is lazy, contemptuous, dishonest, and right up the alley of Oliver North.

Oliver North was the star attraction of the Iran Contra scandal, the man is criminal, and a liar, he sold out the United States of America in the name of a slush fund that fought illegal wars(and double dealed with the Iranians) in South America and god knows where else.

Mr. North is attempting to deflect the fact that gun control is tearing this country apart, children are dying, and the NRA is under more pressure than it ever has been before.

The NRA is finding it increasingly difficult to function at the level they are accustomed too, these school shootings are tied to the inherent accesibility of weapons in this country, and the culture that organizations like the NRA cultivate.

It is what it, it’s an ongoing discussion that is not going to be solved in our lifetime, not unless direct changes are made to the Constitution itself.

As a child, and a man, I have had trouble focusing, my mind seemingly wanders in 1000 different directions at all times, and in the context of the classroom, this could cause me great difficulty.

Ritalin changed that, it helped me focus, kept me calm, zapped my appetite but over time I adjusted to that.

I can say for certain though, that the drug did not generate homicidal tendencies, I didn’t develop the need to obtain semi automatic weapons, and create havoc in my school.

If anything, the drug leveled me out, kept me in chair, helped me listen to what my teacher was saying, it was a remarkable counter agent in retrospect.

I am not sure I would be a college educated American without the two pronged approach my caretakers had to my condition, the closed classes helped, but the medication put me over the top.

I am disgusted that Oliver North would tie kids like me to this horrific situation, and not admit that the gun toting predisposition of the NRA is as responsible for this outbreak of school violence as any other mitigating factor.

That would take accountbility however, the NRA is much more concerned with raising money than the innocent lives that are being lost.

I understand the NRA is a special interest group, that lobbying is part of the game, but the behavior of Oliver North underscore how desperate the organization is to right the ship.

No matter who gets hurt.

Which is why the group is losing sponsors, support, and money.

The American public simply doesn’t trust the NRA anymore, and the organization is scrambling to stop the bleeding, even if that means hurting kids.

The NRA has been busy, attacking teenage survivors of mass shootings on social media, hosting nationally televised conclaves glorifying the use of weapons, and possibly funneling Russian money to the Trump administration.

Children that endure learning disabilities, and have to rely on extra attention, and medication, are not killers anymore than the next kid.

They are not less either, they just learn differently, they retain information at a more measured pace.

Mr. North needs to apologize, or present some scientifc evidence that backs up his ridiculous claims.





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