Senator Martin Looney

Op-ed: Senator Martin Looney talks Trump with Tastie Fish

Senator Martin Looney

I had the opportunity to speak with Connecticut State Senator  Martin Looney yesterday. He was attending the summit announcing a study that will evaluate the connectivity between regional rail lines, and the port of New Haven.

In a day and age of general apathy towards established political norms, senator Looney is a throwback, The man could have been a Senator at any point in history over the last 100 years.

He could play a Senator in a movie, that’s how impressed I was with the man.

Absolutley brilliant, Perhaps the most well spoken public figure I have ever come across, and that’s saying quite a bit.

Our short conversation centered around his thoughts on the rail study, and the recent behavior of President Trump.

I throughly enjoyed it.

Senator Looney made a stunning (and extremely accurate) ¬†argument in regards to Trump’s very public assertion that he can pardon himself.

The President (and his lawyers) maintain the President cannot break the law because he is the President.

“If you think about it, that’s the same argument that Saddam Hussein made at his trial, that in effect, he can do what he wants because he is the supreme leader, and therefore is above the law, which is actually the same argument Richard Nixon made in his interviews with David Frost”

Senator Looney is spot on, Trump’s mindset is dangerous, The two men referenced in the passage were removed from office by outside forces.

Saddam Hussein was taken down by an international coalition of armed forces, and President Nixon resigned in the face of impeachment after violating election laws and obstructing justice.

President Trump is as stubborn as both of those men, and as resolute concerning the rule of law.

For over a year now, I have been personally concerned by Trump’s potential use of pardons, It even came up in my conversation with Senator Richard Blumenthal.

A man as morally compromised as the President should not have any power whatsoever in regards to the rule of law, As the evidence mounted against Mr. Trump, I thought about the possibility of him pardoning himself.

Those fears were realized this week, and Senator Looney’s take snapped the picture into focus.

We are all at the whim of a lawless President, and the only thing preventing this country from turning into an authoritarian state is the rule of law.

That’s why we must protect it at all costs.





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