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Op-ed: The practice of taking migrant children from their parents is just plain evil

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Until this morning, I had opted not to involve myself in the raging national debate regarding the state sanctioned child abuse being distributed by the Trump administration.

The story is too ugly, even for me, and that’s saying quite a bit.

I have worked with kids of all ages most of my life, the thought of innocent younglings being ripped from their parents arms is despicable to me, the people that advocate for such a practice are evil in my world.

Children need their parents, not a tent camp with care providers that don’t understand them the same way Mom does.

Ugh, horrible, anyone reading this is familiar with the narrative, we don’t need a painful review.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has exhibited more and more racist behavior as he has adjusted to his position, went on national television this last night, and attempted to deflect comparisons to Nazi Germany.

I hate this story, in my time covering politics for this publication, this is the most personally disgusted I have ever been.

Jeff Sessions is no better than Donald Trump is, his crusade for the white man is eroding American values, putting a very ugly face on our country.

Has he taken the time to go visit any of these detained children?

Does he even care about the long term emotional damage that is in play here?

The world has noticed, the UN threatened the United States over this, and Sessions responds by going on Fox News, deploying pathetic semantics in reference to history, and rationlized brown and black babies being forcefully taken out of the custody of their parents.

This is the bottom, we are all living under the thumb of people that see an America I want no part of.



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