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President Obama needs to stand up to Donald Trump, and protect the United States

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President Obama has been under the gun since Donald Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States.

His entire legacy is in peril at the hands of a man who could care less.

Policy decisions he has made, relationships he has cultivated, and the very essence of his administration is being stripped away before his eyes.

Donald Trump is going far beyond what is to be expected from a President Elect.

He is brokering deals, making promises to foreign heads of state, and operating like he is his own country.

Trump is missing intelligence briefings and refusing to communicate with the Pentagon, or the State Department when the situation calls for it.

If Trump was heeding the advice of those in power, the disaster with Taiwan never would have taken place.

Most of all, Trump is disrespecting the Obama administration on a daily basis, a complete lack of profesionalism in regards to his relationship with the White House.

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The tipping point for all of this chaos has been the growing belief that Vladimir Putin himself meddled in our general election.

The Russian President signed off on a cyber hack of our political infastructure in the interest of supplementing the Russian agenda according to a growing number of reports.

I wrote the other day this was an act of war.

But the problem is two pronged.

Donald Trump is also a problem, and his behavior has enabled and most likely emboldened the Russians to strike the core of what makes this country great.


Trump has invited the Russians to commit acts of war against the United States, he has refused to accept the scathing evidence produced by the intelligence community, and he is dividing this country while he does it.

Trump seems to care more about what Russians believe than the people he is mandated to govern.

So to that end, he refuses to acknowledge that the Russians played a major role in his being elected, and even more worrisome, he somehow believes that Vladimir Putin is some type of chap that he will be able to play golf with.

Putin is attempting to destroy America from within, and Trump would rather bash his own intelligence agencies, his President, and the different people that protect our union than face the truth.

His behavior is humilating the United States on the world stage, and making Putin smile ear to ear.

This is what Putin wants, chaos, and right now our President Elect is not conducting himself like a Patriot.

He is acting like a man with an agenda that flies in the face of national security.

This is about the fate of America’s soul, and Trump treats it like some area 51 consiparcy theory.

President Obama is currently faced with his biggest challange in 8 years as Commander and Chief.

He had attempted to give the appearance that the transition of power would be peaceful, he also could not be accused of using his power to futher party politics.

It would have been risky for him to go after Russia, and Trump during the election because of his political afflilation.

He could not have been preceived to exerting any influence on the general election.

So this is a fine line that Obama has walked.

But the time has come to stand up.

Not only to Putin, but to Trump as well.

Trump is running amuck.

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He is attacking private citizens, he is driving the markets insane every time he insults a manufacturer of industry, he is undermining US policy internally, and abroad, and he is showing contempt for the current leader of the free world.

Obama extended an olive branch to this man, invited him to the White House, and attempted to establish a dialogue.

Trump has spit on his efforts, and Obama needs to define his time as President by putting his foot down.

Trump must be made to understand that his behavior, and his coddling of Russian aggression is hurting the United States of America.

It puts us in danger.

Obama held a press conference today, and finally addressed the Russian problem in detail, and he has refuted Trump through his press secretary, but that’s not enough.

Obama needs to take action directly, and perhaps today was a first step.

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During a meeting on the sidelines of the Group of 20 summit in China, Obama said he insisted President Vladimir Putin “cut it out” and told him “there were going to be serious consequences if he didn’t.”

“In fact we did not see further tampering of the election process,” Obama said at a year-end news conference. “But the leaks through WikiLeaks had already occurred.”

The Russians need to be punished on the record, and President Elect Trump must be admonished for his behavior.

Obama cannot leave office looking weak, and beaten up.

The time to take a stand is now.

If Donald Trump wants to behave like a man that intends to harm the United States through his reckless behavior, than we need to treat him that way.

Lets drag his butt before some senate committees, and determine if a man who supports America being attacked is truly worthy of the Oval office.

The time for talking is finished.

Obama needs to protect the country, and the first step is action.

Not press conferences.



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