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President Trump is becoming more and more comfortable espousing bigotry

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President Trump has really upped the daily crazy in the last 96 hours.

After former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn cut the cord with Trump’s defense lawyers, the President of the United States has been a one man wrecking machine, baffling the American public as he attacks every minority group in the United States and beyond.

He feuded with Lavar Ball, responded with “Make America Great Again!” to a news article profiling his bigtory.

Tweeted “build the wall” in response to the horrific terror attack in Egypt last week.

In the face of a tragedy, the President politicized a massacre, and then attacked Mexican(and Mexican Americans) for no reason whatsoever.

At a ceremony honoring Native American servicemen, President Trump referred to Senator Elizabeth Warren as Pochantas, and he did so in the presence of Native American warriors who have given everything to this country.

In an added touch, Trump’s team placed the dias directly in front of a portrait of Andrew Jackson, the American President who signed the Indian Removal act.

The entire ceremony was bathed in bigoted inuenndo, the White House administration mocked Native Americans as oppose to celebrating them, and the commitment they made to this country.

That event unto itself is an embarassment to America, an absolute shame, and firm evidence that racism is being promoted by the President of the United States.

Trump took it to the next level this morning when he retweeted videos from a far right nationalist group in London England.

The tweets depict men that are allegedly muslim comitting acts of violence.

Three videos in all, the President has engaged in destructive behavior on Twitter many times, but his machinations this morning should be a call to action for everyone.

Trump spends more time attacking minorities than he does working on policy, and he has done so with a smirk, the man could care less how damaging it is to America because it feeds his base.

Trump’s twitter binge seems to be one of panic however.

As noted before, there is serious movement going on behind the scenes with Robert Mueller, and while no concrete developments have emerged yet, it’s reasonable to believe Trump is having a meltdown over a story that has yet to be reported.

His attempts to distract the country are transparent, but there has to be limits, at some point someone influential in Congress is going to have to take the bull by the horns, and truly evaluate the President’s fitness for office.



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