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President Trump is walking, talking, and acting like a flaming racist

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Over the last 72 hours the Trump administration has faced the type of fire storm that normally destroys careers.

After the insufferable tragedy in Charlottesville Virginia, the eyes of the country turned to the President.

Often in moments of crisis, a President can define himself by reassuring the American people, convincing us that the night is darkest just before the dawn.

Despite his implicit acts of intolerance, legal travails, and utter distaste for governance, America was still counting on President Trump to denounce all forms of hate, Neo Nazi’s, the Klu Klux Klan, and anyone else that believes in the disturbing notion of one great race.

The President is quick to smash anyone that dares cross him, the list of people he has denounced stretches around the block.

Media members, fellow politicians, Alec Baldwin, you name it, Trump has roasted them.

But Vladimir Putin? Neo-Nazis?


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A large crowd of citizens, carrying tiki torches, chanting racist fight songs, and triggering a chain of events that led to the death of an innocent person should be cause for alarm in this country, a time for all of us to take a full accounting of one another.

This is not funny, it’s not cute, it will be remembered as one of the most infamous days in American history.

That infamy is currently being exacerbated by the President of the United States.

His speech shortly after the terrorist attack was cowardly, hypocritical, and racist.

When he laid blame for the tragedy at the feet of everyone involved, and not the Neo-Nazi’s that blitzed Charlottesville, Trump created an inflection point among decent Americans.

Liberal, Conservative, Black, White, Hispanic, Muslim, Rich, Poor, Young, Old.

No matter who you are, no matter who you voted for, watching a sitting American President provide cover fire for bigoted hate groups was astonishing, confusing, and infuriating.

Trump’s “many sides” alibi was immediately snatched by up by the jaws of history, it will live on forever, much longer than any of us will.

Trump showed us his hand, after months of beating around the bush , The President finally revealed overtly bigoted behavior to the inquiring public, and he did so in wake of an act of terror that claimed an American life.

When the London attacks took place, it took Trump 25 min to denounce “Islamic terrorism”.

But a domestic terror attack in his own backyard?

Oh there are many people to blame.

Trump “many sides” statement emboldened the criminals directly responsible for the murder, and it trivialized a horrific disaster, along with three  innocent victims.

It was the worst, many people had trouble sleeping Saturday night.

From that moment on, the White House has done nothing to quell the growing fear that we are all under the control of people that are sympathetic to Nazi ideology.

First the White House put out a statement clarifying Trump’s disaster of a speech, it was worth noting that the President did not issue a statement directly, he opted for his subordinates to tell all of us what he is thinking.

That decision right there says quite a bit, most normal people would call an impromptu press conference and denounce right away.

Trump did not feel a sense of urgency to kill the idea that he is a flaming racist, he did not seem worried about it, almost like he wanted us to know.

Trump than calls a “big press conference” yesterday, and finally denounces all the evil that was responsible for Heather Heyer’s death.

It was almost as if the President was given a mulligan, that somehow we were all supposed to forget that he fucked up.

His second speech was damage control, it was not genuine, it was not what he believes, nobody was buying that.

A teleprompter does not equate to a pure heart.

Then the story gets even worse.

After going before the country, and denouncing white supremacy, Trump retweets the work of an alt-right friendly Twitter user that has an insane history of floating conspiracy theories.

The move was intentional, Trump blew a racist dog whistle to let his white power friends know that he stands with them, that he has not abandoned them,  that his speech to the nation was stir fried lip service.

The leader of the Klu Klux Klan used the EXACT SAME EXPLANATION to this magazine 8 months ago when he was pressed on atrocities committed against African Americans, he pointed to black on black crime in Chicago.

Trump’s retweet discredited both speeches, the half baked statement after the first speech and the entire White House communications team.

It made Trump even more transparent than the “many sides” statement.

In some ways, it was worse, because he is doubling down after the country was essentially torn apart by his behavior.

For the first time, a large amount of Americans have actual evidence that the President of the United States is a bigot, a racist, and a Nazi sympathizer.

“Many sides” shocked us, but what Trump did today will cement him as one of the most hated leaders in world history.

Trump joined some pretty awful company today, no matter what happens with Special Counsel Mueller, Trump relegated himself to a one term president during one of the weirdest press conferences we could have possibly imagined

Trump was pressed by a skeptical attending press core this afternoon, a press core that was not buying either of his speeches.

We have posted some of his answers.

President Trump  desecrated the memory of Heather Heyer by labeling her, and 19 other victims  members of the “Alt Left”.

The Alt Left?

All of this is targeted to appease his racist base, muddy the waters, and inflame an already combustible situation, which is beyond irresponsible.

It’s dangerous, Trump is provoking his base, he feels the heat of a criminal investigation, and wants his rabid supporters to come to the rescue.

So when he goes down, he can use race as an excuse, Trump being ousted will be spun as a form of white genocide according to the hooligans that caused so much trouble last weekend.

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Trump invoking George Washington was another doozy, it light the internet on fire.

The President is not hiding that his true allegiance is to the Neo Nazis, the Klu Klux Klan, or any the rest of the race baiting cowards that instigated a national tragedy last weekend.

These hate groups believe the President has the powerful to absolve them of full accountability, which is why we are seeing all these rallies all over the country.

They come out in force because they believe the President is cool with it.

Calling someone a racist is difficult, it’s a term that is often applied, but not always correct.

It’s dramatic to label someone a bigot, especially a sitting President of the United States.

During the campaign, and the early days of his presidency, Trump’s love affair with white supremacy based groups was given ho hum coverage, he was never truly pressed on his social views, or his habit of retweeting and hiring individuals that subscribe to white supremacy based ideals.

For the first time this weekend, the President was held accountable for bigoted behavior, America did not give him a pass, he was forced to man up and try again.

He did so, than remindeds us(with the retweet) all that he didn’t actually mean what he said in the second speech, that he did so because his communications shop was going crazy trying to put a nice face on this very ugly President.

Then Trump goes into overdrive, totally contradicting his speech from the day before, and showing nationally televised fealty to Neo Nazis.

The President also retweeted than deleted an image of a train running over a CNN reporter, a nice touch considering the details of the murder that took place in Charlottesville.

I think we all need to be honest with one another, what I am about to say is terrifying to think, but what other conclusion is there?

The current President of the United States is a bigot, a disgusting racist,  and he is proud of it, his entire legislative agenda seems predicated upon bigotry, hate, and fear mongering.

This President is not fond of Mexicans, African Americans, the LBGQT community, confident women, Muslim citizens, the list will never end.

The fact is we are stuck with this President until he is impeached, or voted out in 2020, in that time, what we all just experienced could become the norm.

It only took Trump 24 hours to do an about face on his mulligan speech, and boldly side with Neo Nazis while America is tearing itself apart.

What kind of damage could this bigot do in 4 years?

Instead of leaning on the President to reassure us,  we need to rely on each other

Given what we are all up against, I think it would be good practice stop relying on the President to be tolerant, decent, to be a beacon to his people.

Donald Trump is none of those things,  and at 74 years old, he aint changing for anybody.

Americans need to remember this country, this union, this grand experiment is larger than one man, eventually, he will be gone, and the effort to repair our fractured society can begin.









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